Las Vegas Rock n Roll Half-Marathon

Ahhh it’s almost here!!! 7 days until I run in my first official half-marathon.
I say “official” because while training I did run a full 13.1 miles one day….  I know most training plans don’t actually have you do the full amount, but I had a bit of anxiety about running my first one not only in Vegas, but with girls who have run in full marathons before.

So to take a bit of the uncertainty out of it, I decided to just go ahead and do the full mileage one day so I would know what it feels like prior to race day. To be honest, after you hit mile 8, you’re golden. For me, it’s the first 5 miles where my head is all over the place. Once I break through the halfway mark, my head is much more clear because I can just think “okay only 5 more miles, okay only 4 more miles, etc” So my advice for first time runners like me would be not to think of it in terms of the full 13.1 miles. Break it down in to chunks. Like in the beginning just focus on your music and think “okay 3 miles until the first water station” then after you pass that “okay 2 miles until the bathrooms” then “okay in 2 miles I’ll take a Gu” etc.

For me this seems to really help. If I start thinking OMG I HAVE TO RUN 12 MORE MILES…FUX. I get in my own head and it’s downhill from there.

For those of you who need music to fuel your run (like me) here is the playlist I’ve created. It’s a mix between pop and alternative because that’s what I’ve found puts me in the best headspace. If I listen to anything that’s too too intense, I start picking up the pace unintentionally and then a mile later realize I’ve just exhausted myself.



Anyone have any song suggestions for me to add before next Sunday? Or any tips?


xoxo, abby


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