Kickboxing Like a VS Super Model

Kickbox your way
into those Skinny Jeans
If you haven’t tried
a cardio kickboxing class yet, you are seriously missing out.
Every Wednesday and
Saturday I go to a kickboxing class at Lifetime Fitness. These trainers are no joke.
I have always been
super competitive (like need to win running up the stairs contest,
competitive). So put me in a class where the instructor is giving hands on
assistance and yelling at you to work harder, and I’m in.
Despite the intensity of the workouts, the time
always flies by and I feel so exhilarated afterwards.
The classes
challenge both your
and endurance,
while also teaching valuable
self-defense moves.
What should you expect from a 60 min
·      Kickboxing works the
entire body so expect to be sore
no matter how much of a gym-rat you
·      Expect to sweat bucketsssss
your mental acuteness as the instructor fuses punches, kicks, and jumps into
various combinations.
up to 750 cals!
Disclaimer- Check
with your gym before you go to see if they will provide you with gloves! ‘
And…. If the gym
says that they don’t actually use punching bags, you just go through the
motions…. Find another gym! This is a completely different workout if you don’t
actually punch the bag, so don’t let them tell you otherwise!
          Hope you enjoy as
much as I do…
            (after words at least)!


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