I’m Engaged!

A bit over-due of an update, but I got engaged!!!!!! 🙂
After nearly 10 years of dating, we have finally decided to tie the knot. About darn time right? Well, Mauricio’s job requires him to move around a lot, and he knows that I need stability so it wasn’t until he got an amazing offer from a Private Equity firm in Boston that he decided it was now or never! I’ll be honest, once he told me he got the offer I kind of half expected him to pop the question soon, but after confiding in one of my girl friends about it, everyone totally threw me for a loop. Think Friends episode where Chandler is trying to throw Monica off making her think he isn’t ready and it’s not happening anytime soon.
Mauricio got my Sister, Brother-in-law, Niece, and Nephew, along with several of my closest girl friends all to come in town to celebrate with us, it was the sweetest thing ever!

So let’s start from the beginning though. When he came home for Mother’s Day he left my apartment early one morning under the guise that he was going to go spend time with his family and also buy his mom’s mothers day gift. Well, what he was actually doing was asking my parents for their permission! He got his Mom to luer my Mom out of the house by taking her shopping, during which time he went over to the house and brought my Dad his favorite food- French Toast. Of course, my Dad knew exactly what he was there for before he said a word, but he let Mauricio ask his permission over breakfast, and gladly said yes.
Next step, he took me to a fancy schmancy brunch place in Highland Park Village, near Flippen Park. We took a detour and drove right by the Gazeebo that he wanted me to look at (hoping that I would comment how pretty it was)…. well of course, I had no idea so I was more focused on the beautiful houses surrounding the park (like 3 million dollar houses). Haha. I later found out he was so frustrated with me because he couldn’t get me to cooperate… oops. lol.
After that, he took me to a massage place around the corner where I was told that I would be getting an 80 minute massage and he was getting a 60 minute massage. Why this didn’t phase me I’m not sure? To my total shock, he was not getting a massage at all! After we filled out the paperwork (the massage place was in on it too) they took me back to the room, and Mauricio immediately left to meet with the photographer and his siblings to go figure out the perfect spot to ask the question. Tricky boy! I had no idea.
The next day was my brothers birthday (poor guy) so we had plans to celebrate that evening, but Mauricio told me he wanted to go have a picnic first and that I should go ahead and wear what I’m going to wear to dinner. So we go to the grocery store and pick out some fruits and veggies and other snacks for the picnic, grab a picnic basket and get in the car to drive out to Flippen Park. Welp…. we get in an accident. Typical Mauricio 😉
Luckily it wasn’t too bad and he brushed it off nicely and just exchanged insurance and off to the park we went. Little did I know the reason he was so flustered was because we were running late and he didn’t want the photographer to think we weren’t showing up.
So we get to the picnic, and I start trying to put out the blanket and setting everything up and Mauricio keeps telling me “No, No, that’s not a good spot” So I’m like dude come on lets just put the blanket down it’s fine.
Then he takes my hand and say’s “Let’s go for a walk” Immediately, I knew. So I say “Ummm ok but let me put on my heels”  #suchagirl haha.
So we both start laughing because at that point he clearly knows I know… so he gets down on one knee and says something along these lines….
“In my life there was meeting you, falling in love with you, and then I turned 15 and there was everything else”
Cute 🙂
So I said yes, obviously. And then around the corner comes a limo with both of our families inside ready to celebrate and go to a nice dinner at Saint Ann’s (which he had convinced me not to go earlier that week when I wanted to! ha)
And from there, we went back to my parents house to continue the celebration where all of our closest family and friends were waiting with a surprise party 🙂
It was such a wonderful night and I am so overjoyed that he put so much thought and detail into making it just right! Below is the note he sent to all of my friends with a run down of the night.














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