How to Eat Healthy When Traveling

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Traveling on a vegetarian and dairy-free diet can be less than ideal, but it’s certainly possible! Last week I spent 7 days in Seaside, Florida with my whole family, as well as my fiance. We’ve been going to this area since I was a little girl and I still look forward to it every year.

Day 1: Bruno’s Pizza

Luckily we do rent a water-front beach house, which means we buy groceries for the week and prepare breakfast lunch and snacks on our own every day. However, for dinner we typically go out and enjoy a meal as a family. The first two nights of the week this posed a bit of a problem simply because we always go to a pizza place the first night…. which left with me a pretty boring salad. I asked them to make me a salad with no meat or cheese but to please add all the veggies and other add ins they have…. they gave me lettuce, tomatoes, croutons, and a whopping handful of black olives….. yum.

Never the less, it’s not really about the food its about the company so I ate my salad then went back to the house and made some PB rice cakes and a protein shake.

Day 2: The Perfect Pig

The second night my mom and sister chose a place called “The Perfect Pig”…. not exactly an ideal place for me to eat, but again, I played along knowing it would be turn to choose the restaurant the next night. After a mishap with my meal (they failed to mention that the rice was cheesy rice even though I told them I dont eat animal products) honest mistake though… as my fiance pointed out, if you aren’t used to someone who eats that way you don’t think about cheese as an animal product I guess.

Luckily for me I used to be a server so I’m very patient when it comes to these type of mishaps. I explained to him that I couldn’t eat cheese and sent it back in exchange for a black bean corn and avocado salad that the chef very nicely whipped up for me.

Day 3: The Great Southern Cafe

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Finally on night 3 I decided that I was going to make an exception and still eat fish when I go out to eat…. I know this is going to offend some people that I’m saying fish aren’t animals… but its my life and to me it’s not worth making the people I dine with feel uncomfortable that I can’t eat anything on the menu. Maybe one day I’ll cut out fish too… but as of right now I’m going to continue to enjoy it on occasion.

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This night we went to a place called The Great Southern Cafe where I got a Salmon and Mixed Veggie Salad and a Strawberry Mojito- minus the simple syrup- and both were delicious!

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Day 4: Back Bay

This night we went to Back Bay which is a sister-restaurant to The Great Southern located right on the water. They had a ton of Sushi options so I ordered some Sashimi Tuna and an order of Lettuce Wraps which was all delicious. Along with my go to- coconut rum and diet coke 🙂


Day 5: The Red Bar

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Red Bar night!!! i’m pretty sure anyone who knows of Seaside has definitely been to or heard of this place. It’s been around since we started coming here 20 years ago. It’s not even that the food is THAT good… it’s just kind of a tradition that many families have picked up and it’s not the beach without going there. They only have 5 menu options and unless you are a late eater, you can expect to wait an hour to an hour and a half for a table.


I was delighted that they had a vegetarian option on the menu (baked eggplant) and ordered that… only to find out that it was baked with about a pound of cheese…. lovely. Was this included on the menu? Nope, of course not. So once again I was tasked with the embarrassment of sending back my meal and asking them for no cheese. {Side Note: In addition to not wanting to eat cheese for ethical reasons and health reasons, I’m also lactose intolerant, so I wasn’t just being a diva I promise}

Turns out they use milk and cheese in their vegetable medley mix so they couldn’t make this particular entree sans cheese. Instead I ordered the fish of the day which was Grouper, which was honestly delicious so I can’t even be that upset about it. lol.

Day 6: Cafe Thirty A


Mauricio and I are celebrating 10 years on the 22nd, but since he will be back in Chicago and I’ll be back in Dallas by then we decided to celebrate early. We went to a lovely dinner at a freshly caught seafood restaurant where I got the most delicious Ahi-Tuna and Vegetable Stir Fry and a Smirnoff Strawberry Martini 🙂


Day 7: Bud & Alley’s

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On the last night we went to a very popular restaurant located in the Seaside Square called Bud and Alleys, which has a patio deck with a killer view of the ocean and a perfect spot to watch the sunset. Unfortunately their food isn’t the greatest, but they still get a packed house every night simply because of their location and view. We all got the Mahi Sandwich which was very dry but edible with ketchup… lol. I also ordered a side of asparagus  which might possibly have been the tastiest asparagus i’ve ever had. So I guess that makes up for the terrible fish.

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For those of you practicing a fully vegan lifestyle- any tips for how to order at restaurants that aren’t vegetarian/vegan friendly? Anyone elses family go to Seaside?






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