Hottest One-Pieces

Hey friends!

Happy Tuesday. With April coming to an end, swimsuit season is quickly approaching. Which means 3/4 of the general female population is currently either researching quick weight-loss tricks or scavenging  the web for a flattering swimsuit. haha- sad, but true.

Luckily, this year one-pieces are like all the rage. Idk why they made their comeback, but I’m pretty happy about it. I’m a pretty thin girl, but I still get self conscious when I put on a bikini, especially in the beginning of summer before I’ve established a tan. Something about trying on bikinis and being pale is just absolutely soul-crushing. lol.

Anyways, One-Piece swimsuits are the perfect solution! They make you feel so much more comfortable and less-revealing, while also being way more functional. Like I’m sorry but there are zero fun activities you can do in a two-piece. Jump in the pool, yep my bottoms are coming off. Going to the lake… ha there goes both pieces.

In fact, I’m definitely planning on wearing a few one-pieces during our honeymoon. Not because I’d be self conscious in front of my husband, but because we are going to be doing a ton of adventurous activities and I’d rather not be constantly adjusting my top and bottoms.


I purchased this colorful suit from Red Dress Boutique, but here are a bunch of other really sexy and fun ones!


PS- I can’t wait to move into our new apartment in Boston where I’ll have a better set-up for taking pictures! lol.

Happy Shopping !! 




Love, Abigail Kristine 



  1. Love this suit! I’m definitely going to check out this website because I haven’t purchased any suits yet this year 😳. I feel like I’m behind! I love your clutch…where did you find it?? I think I need it haha!

  2. Oh wow, that’s a stunning swimsuit, I’m just worried of the massive tan lines with wearing costumes like this.

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