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Hi Friends!

Happy Tuesday. Mauricio comes in town tonight (just for 1 night) on his way to his little brothers graduation in College Station. I haven’t seen him since our couples shower several weeks ago so I’m pretty excited, even if it is just a 1 night stay. He’ll also stay with me on his way back home on Saturday so that day I hope to plan a full-day date for him 🙂 He’s been getting absolutely swamped at work the past couple of weeks and has gotten very little sleep or personal time, so I definitely want to plan a cute little day for him.

Anyways, as I said before, this weekend I was in St. Louis for a bridal shower my friends threw for me. Even though it was only a 48 hour trip, I still like to pack a plethora of healthy snacks for myself so that I never get too hangry and feel tempted to grab fast food or something quick.

Now of course I do indulge just a bit during these little trips, but I pick and choose what’s worth it and whats not. For example, during the bridal brunch I had a few things I wouldn’t normally eat on an every day basis, such a chocolate covered cookie dough balls (worth every calorie) and these “kirkwood” ham and cheese butter roll sandwich things (I don’t normally eat cheese). But other than that, I do my best to stick to healthy choices even when I’m on the go.

As I’ve said before, this isn’t strictly for calorie purposes. I have a very sensitive digestive system and when I eat things out of my normal intake, my whole system gets out of whack.

Okay so on to the tips…

  1. Every menu has grilled chicken— I hate when people say that it’s hard to eat healthy on the go. I’m sorry, but it’s not. Every menu has a grilled chicken breast. It may come with some fattening stuff on it, or may be in between a hoagie roll, but it’s on there. Ask to hold the cheese, or take 1/2 of the bread off and you’ve got yourself a healthy meal that isn’t a salad.
  2. Pack an apple in your bag– Apples are the perfect quick snack you can eat anywhere and requires zero utensils or condiments. I like to keep a small gala apple in my purse for when my stomach starts to growl but it’s not meal time yet. Apple’s are also a great way to kickstart the digestive process and can help those who have a hard time going to the bathroom while traveling… you know what I mean 😉
  3. BYO protein powder– Okay so this one isn’t as convenient as the apple, but is more satisfying in my opinion. My mom and I both bring our shaker bottles with us when we travel along with a baggie of protein powder. I get extra hungry when I travel (anxiety maybe?) so having a protein supplement is important for me to maintain my sanity. PS- you can go to starbucks at the airport and ask them to fill your shaker cup with however many ounces of milk you want… boom.
  4. Protein Bars– This one is a bit of a fine line because I feel like most of the protein bars on the market are filled with a bunch of crap. Honestly, look at the back of your protein bar the next time you buy one and read the ingredients. I personally LOVE the R.X (NO BS) bars that states the 4 ingredients it’s made with right on the front of the package. My favorite is the blueberry flavor. I stock up on them every time I go to Trader Joes.
  5. Don’t deprive yourself — This may sound counter-intuitive, but one thing I’ve learned (and witnessed from other people) over the years is that if you deprive yourself too much than you’ll end up cracking and eating 2x the amount you normally would have. So rather than saying no every time desert comes around, offer to share with someone or a group of people. I hardly ever have a full dessert to myself. Mainly because I personally believe that the first few bites are the most satisfying. After that, you’re probably just eating it because it’s still there. Try it next time. If you want something sweet, ask the table if they want to share something. Everyone gets a few bites and you get to satisfy your taste buds without going out for a whole pint of ice-cream later.

Here’s a quick look at what I keep in my purse while traveling! Keep in mind this is for short flights. I’ll do another post on how to pack for long-haul flights soon 🙂




Hope these help 🙂

xo, abby



    • haha I have traveled with it many times and have never been questioned. I typically carry a vegan protein though so it has a slightly green color to it… maybe thats why they’ve never said anything? Either way, I think you could just tell them to open the bag and smell/taste it and they’d know it was clearly protein powder.

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