Healthiest Hair Extensions

Hi guys! I can’t believe it’s already been 8 months since I first got my hair extensions put in…time has flown by! Today I got my extensions taken out and my real hair trimmed, so I wanted to do an update on my full experience with them from start to finish.

Going in for my consultation I had two major concerns on my mind:

  1. Are they going to look fake?
  2. Are they going to destroy my real hair?

Thank goodness after getting them taken out today I can confidently tell you that the answer to both of these concerns is an over-whelming “no”.

Not only did they look perfectly natural the entire 8 months I had them (some people didn’t even know I had them at all….. surprise!) lol. But even better news is that my real hair looks just as healthy, if not more healthy, than it did before! Even after Ashley trimmed off the dead ends my real hair has grown out several inches and is finally at the perfect length for me. These are pictures taken today…

The reason I wanted to point this out is because I’ve heard so many horror stories of girls getting their hair extensions taken out and ending up with a completely destroyed half-head of hair.

So my advice to first time extension clients (or even for those who’ve previously had a bad set) would be to do your research on the stylist you’re going to as well as what type of extensions they use (Ashley uses a kind called “perfectress”).

Make sure they have before and after pictures of clients they’ve worked on, and maybe even reach out to one of them personally to ask how their experience was. I feel like most girls are more than happy to be honest with you if you just ask.

Anyways, if you’re thinking about getting extensions and need a recommendation- I highly suggest reaching out to Ashley  for a consultation. She is amazing and I promise you won’t end up with a mess of hair once you decide to take them out.

Here is her Instagram account so you can creep on her work @ashleywhair

Also, shout out to @colorbyemily who does my highlights– she took me from an over-processed brassy blonde color to this icy more platinum blonde, which I love 🙂

Anything I didn’t answer? Feel free to ask me below 🙂





  1. Those hair extensions look amazing. When I lost my hair, I couldn’t wait until the day my hair was longer than 5 ” past my neck so I could get some…but my hair is super curly *sigh*

    • Hi Anita, so sorry to hear about your hair loss! And this is actually my real hair now, no extensions 🙂 If you are still wanting extensions-have you looked into a curly option? I would imagine there is a lot of girls like you out there needing them for curly hair!

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