Happy Mane Hydration

Hi babes!

Sorry there has been a break in posts for a few days- moving has really taken a toll on me and my body these last few days. Not to mention the fact that this past month I’ve kind of been in limbo between moving out of my apartment, into my parents, then flying every 2 days of the honeymoon.

You can say the jet lag + living out of a suitcase for so long is finally catching up to me. If anyone has any remedies for post travel nausea/upset stomach- please send them my way!

Anyways, for a little life update- Mauricio and I flew into Boston on Tuesday morning, got the keys from the landlord, then hit the pavement shopping. So far we’ve purchased a bed, a headboard, a desk for me, my vanity (so pretty, I can’t wait to show y’all), a TV, a kitchen table and chairs, and bar stools.

To go we still have: couch and sofa chair, desk for Mauricio, chest of drawers for both of us, and then ALL of the wall decor, fru fru stuff, lamps, etc.

Certainly this will be a several month process though- no way we can handle all of that right away.

Today we tackled going to the RMV (we call it DMV in TX) to register my car… and oh man was that painful. Then Mauricio met up with two of his best friends that happened to be in town for a bachelor party. Then we were off to Crate and Barrel to buy a couch.

Okay okay on to the real point of this post…. happy mane! Guys I swear this is actually a worth while product. It smells heavenly and truly made my hair feel so much softer with only a tiny amount of product used. I’d say you could get several uses out of each packet (and I have a LOT of hair).

I brought this on my honeymoon with me knowing that all of the various water pressures, salt water, chlorine, flights, etc would take a toll on my hair— and I was correct.

I typically don’t wash my hair more than twice a week, but I found myself having to wash it more often during the travel just because it kept getting exposed to so many various climates, thus getting frizzy, poofy, dry, etc.

When we got to Fiji I decided to go ahead and use my happy mane oil (originally thinking I could only get one use out of it) and boy did I wish I was using it the whole time.

Mauricio typically doesn’t like the smell of feminine products, but even he said “hey that smells good” when I opened the package.

How to apply:

You have several options, you can either leave it in for 30 minute leave in then wash out and style, or you can leave it in over-night for EXTRA love and then wash it out in the morning…. OR you can do as I did as just put it in your hair while you’re lounging by the pool and then wash out once you get back to the room.

If you go with the over-night route, make sure to wash your hair at least twice. Otherwise you’ll wind up with greasy hair still.

Best of all, it’s made from completely natural ingredients and is vegan and cruelty free 🙂

All in all, I really enjoyed working with Happy Mane and definitely recommend their product!

Use my code ABOUTABBY15 for 15% off  <3  www.happymane.com

Ps- I do NOT write review posts for all free products I receive. I never want to recommend anything to y’all that I wouldn’t spend my own money on!


What do y’all want to see posts on? I’m always open to suggestions!!

Let me know in the comments below <3

xx, Abby


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