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Hi loves,

Lately I’ve received a ton of questions about my hair and whether or not I currently have extensions. And the answer to that is yes, I do. I decided to get perfect-tress extensions about a year and a half ago (right before our engagement photos) after cutting it short a few months prior. I did like my short hair for a while, but then Mauricio proposed and I realized I just really wanted the long hair look for all of our photos.

After weeks and weeks of going back-and-forth about it, I decided to take the risk and go ahead and get them. The first time I got them I went with the 14″ ones because my natural hair was only collar-bone length so putting 18″ extensions in would have looked very fake.

However, after keeping those for 10 months or so, I decided to take them out and rock my natural hair again for a while. You can read all about that here.

3 months or so later I decided I was ready for a change again and decided to buy a new set of 18″ which I currently have in now. Something to note here is that when it comes to extensions in particular- I HIGHLY suggest doing your research on the salon as well as the stylist who does them. The way they match your hair color, order varying shades, place the extensions on your head, and how they cut them is CRUCIAL to how natural they look.

I’ve seen some girls with extensions that look SO fake and I’ve also seen girls where you’d never know they had them.

Something else to note when they color match you- ask them to order both lighter and darker shades of the color they match you for. That way you get a natural balayage look without having to continuously highlight your hair.

So although the extensions themselves are a hefty investment, you do save money by not having to go in for highlights every other month. (I personally just do my own roots every 6 weeks or so). I do occasionally go to the salon for more professional looking touch-ups, but not nearly as often as I would otherwise.

So all-in-all, would I say they are worth the price? I think so! Especially if they are going to boost your confidence or make you feel prettier in your wedding pictures!

Do they damage your hair? Not if they are done properly and you take care of them! I haven’t had any breakage from mine and my real hair looked just fine when I took them out last time!! Click here for before and after photos.


hope this helps <3 Ask me any other questions below!


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  1. Extensions are something I’ve always admired from afar just because I’m not sure what I’m doing or I’m afraid they’ll look fake, but you look great in these, and if you hadn’t said anything, I’d never know they were there! Thanks for dropping the links on the fur vest btw, I’m obsessed!

  2. Loving the pictures! Your hair is absolutely gorgeous! I have no clue about hair extensions but know a lot. a lot of people who wear it. They always tell me it itches them a lot!

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