Self-Tanner Reviews


Happy Fat Tuesday everyone!

Today I’m going to be sharing my review on all of the various
self-tanners I’ve used over the years.
I’ve purchased both high-end and drug-store tanners and am here to
give you my opinion on which ones are worth the price and which ones aren’t.

{p.s. all titles are clickable links directly to product}

Okay so lets start with the drug-store tanners:

Jergens Mousse:

Drug-Store Category

Who hasn’t used Jergens at some point in their life?
It’s kind of just like a right of passage. Before you learn how to properly fake tan,
you must first turn out like a smelly oompah loompah. lol

But seriously, remember the first version of jergens? Just the basic squeeze tube?
Yeah, don’t buy it. Save your $8 and buy a better one.

This mousse one isn’t nearly as bad as the original though,
and if you’re in a bind and only have a grocery store nearby,
it’ll do the trick.

It actually blends pretty well due to the mousse consistency.
As long as you rub it in well, you won’t have streaks.
However, the actual color is still a bit orange-y.
Let’s just say you won’t be fooling anyone into thinking you have a natural tan.

Next up, Sublime Bronze Towelettes

Okay I actually really like these for a travel option!
Again, the color isn’t exactly natural looking,
but it does give you a glow. Just go really easy on it,
lightly wipe the towelette all over your body, trying not to go over
the same spot more than once. With these, less is better.

Tan-Wise Face Gel:

Another drug-store find, and probably my favorite!
I love this. It rubs in really easily (it’s a gel consistency rather than a lotion).
I’ve been using it for several weeks and it has yet to break me out
or make me look orange-y.
This is a winner in my book.

And on to the more expensive stuff…

Luxury Category

This one falls under the “luxury” brand of self-tanners.
To be honest, I don’t think it measures up to it’s hype.

For starters- the consistency is EXTREMELY thick.
I had to mix it with Cetaphil lotion to make it thinner so I could rub it in.
The color is nice (not too orange) but I guess I just expected more from a $40 bottle.

Bondi Sands:
Luxury Category

This one is the winner!
My new favorite self-tanner and one I plan to use all summer.
That being said BUY THE MIT!
I didn’t order the mit and holy cow now I understand why the sell it. lol.

So this product is totally different than anything I’ve seen before-
the lotion loos like tar when you’re putting it on.
I was kind of shocked when I squeezed it out of the tube.

Yet somehow, it works! Something about the weirdly
dark color of the lotion ends up in a great-natural looking tan.

This too is pretty thick though so use sparingly and make sure
to exfoliate before applying.

I purchased the Self Tanning Lotion in “Dark”
but i’ve read great reviews on all of their formulas.

I think I’m going to buy the mousse one next.
AND THE MIT! lol.  (it turns your hands black)
It comes off if you wash your hands right away, but still.

 Okay so lastly,

Body Blur:
Luxury Category

This isn’t so much a self-tanner as it is a blemish concealer.
It’s kind of hard to explain, but this is basically to put over any areas
you want to conceal. Kind of like body makeup, if you will?

You can use it to conceal scars and spider veins
or simply as a body tint.
It’s water-resistant so you can even use it before
getting in a bikini  🙂 you’re welcome!

Any great self-tanners I’m missing out on?
Is there one better than bondi-sands out there?

xoxo, Abby


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