Gift Guide for Him

Oh men, why are they so difficult to shop for? Women, we make a hefty list of ideas and all they have to do is click on the link, purchase and wrap.
But men, oh no… their only response when asked what they want is ‘ummm I don’t know’. Very helpful. That being said, here are some things I’ve caught the men in my life (seemingly) interested in. Both Mauricio and my dad LOVE the Tumi brand. My father-in-law loves Kiehls.
And my brother pretty much loves all of the accessories and grooming products. From my experience, all of these items are definite crowd pleasers for the men in your life. PS- The Bleu de Chanel is the #1 scent for men. My mom actually told me about that one. So if you’re like me and get a headache after smelling like 3 different scents… save yourself and just order this one.
 Gift Guide for Him


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