It’s a … BOY!!!


Hi Friends!!

Ahh this was such an exciting week for us! Mauricio, Marley and I traveled home to Dallas for the week to celebrate Thanksgiving with our families, as well as to do our gender reveal with all of our family and friends.

Thankfully since Mauricio and I grew up together, our families all do thanksgiving together at my parents house. It’s wonderful because everyone gets to be together and none of us have to pick and choose which in-laws house to go to.

Anyways, on to what y’all really care about… the Gender Reveal!! So just to clarify, Mauricio and I did NOT know the gender until everyone else did. I know some people were confused thinking we knew, but we actually didn’t know until the same time as everyone else.



Around 12 weeks the doctor knew the sex of the baby and just put a note in our file that we didn’t want to know yet. Then at my latest ultrasound they wrote it down on a piece of paper and stuck it in an envelope for us.

We gave the envelope to my sister-in-laws mother so that she could bake us a cake with the color inside as well as tell my older sister the day before the reveal so that she could get the appropriate colored balloons and light whichever color smoke bombs to go off behind us.

Unfortunately the smoke bombs took a little longer to really get going than anticipated, so it didn’t quite turn out for pictures. So for anyone thinking of including colored smoke bombs in their future baby reveal- my advice is to really be patient before snapping pictures. The initial smoke that comes up is very light and under-whelming lol. It takes about 20-30 seconds for it to really get going and look good for pictures.



Clearly I didn’t know that so the second I saw the little bit of blue smoke come up I lifted the lid of the box for Mauricio to see (he wasn’t looking behind at the smoke, he was too nervous lol).

However, as you can see- he was VERY happy when he saw the blue balloons pop out of the box. There were definitely happy/relieved tears streaming down his face after he did his little victory dance followed by a high-five to me. HA! He’s so funny.

So I’ll be the first to say I was SO wrong. This whole time I thought it was a baby girl. According to the wives tales it was straight across the board – BOY. But I still just couldn’t see it. Oh well! We would be thrilled either way of course, but I do think this takes the pressure off a bit for the next ones because Mauricio would not stop having kids until we got a boy lol.




For those interested, our current plan is for Mauricio to apply to Harvard Business School next year, then if he gets in we will stay in Boston for 2 more years before hopefully relocating back to Dallas to have the rest of our family.

Obviously it all comes down to what Gods plan is, which could be totally different… but that’s just what we are hoping for as of now. We both feel it’s important to raise our kids close to our families, and since currently everyone is in Texas it just makes sense to try to go back. Also, we’d like for our kids to be relatively close in age so that they can play together. My brother is 3 years older than me and I truly do think that growing up with him made me so much tougher and more mature in a lot of ways.

Anyway, we are so thankful to have such wonderful family and friends who love and support us so deeply. We truly are blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing people.


Anyone planning a gender reveal- feel free to leave me questions down below. I’m happy to help share what worked and what didn’t work, as well as where we ordered all of the decor and treats.

Special thanks to Buttercup Blossom (etsy shop) for sending us the Gold Mylar Balloons. They held up perfectly and were so much better quality than the blue BOY letter ones we got from Party City.

BIG thanks to my amazing decorator sister for making everything look so perfect and for coordinating how the reveal would work. She is starting her own design company called “Designed Down South” so if y’all would give her a follow on Instagram to help get her page started she would really appreciate it 🙂 @designed_downsouth


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  1. Oh my goodnessssss! This is so cute! I love everything about the reveal: the details, the balloons, your outfit! So fun!

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