Full Day of Eating

Happy Tuesday! Today I’m going to try out one of these “Day in the Life/Full Day of Eating” type posts that everyone seems to enjoy. To be honest, I too like reading/watching these posts when other bloggers/vloggers post them as well. Idk what it is about seeing a glimpse into another persons day consists of, but we all seem to share a similar fasination with it.

I am going to preface these food pics with the fact that I’m 24 and live in an apartment so I don’t have a fancy backdrop to take these pics on or a decked out kitchen to cook extravagant meals…. I don’t own a food processor and I only have 2 pans. Needless to say, my meals typically involve minimal ingredients thus dirtying up the least amount of dishes and cutlery possible because #lazy.

Wake-up: I quickly throw on some gym clothes, fill up my water bottle, and take a few bites of a Quest bar as a walk over to my apartment gym. Yes, a few bites sounds a bit odd, but I like to do cardio on a mostly empty stomach otherwise I get all nauseous and then the workout is very unpleasant.

Workout of Today:

Today was a Cardio day so I did 50 Minutes on the Stair-master, switching between high and low intervals. I warm up on a level 6 (not holding on to the sides) for about 10 minutes, then I bump it up to a level 12 for 1 minute at a time. Eventually as the workout goes on I usually end up having to hold on to the handle bars just a bit, but I try not to rely on them or rest my weight on it.. otherwise it defeats the point.
Now some may say that 50 minutes of cardio is just far too boring for them, so here are a few things that help me:
  • Find something you like to watch- I’m currently on a YouTube kick watching fitness vloggers
  • Cover up the time- Don’t allow yourself to look at the timer or else it will go by so much slower
  • Interval training- makes the time go by faster and the “sprint” intervals make it so that the lower levels are almost enjoyable


3 Egg White Omelet + Spinach + Pico de Gallo + Laughing Cow Cheese Wedge (Swiss is definitely the best flavor of those I’ve tried)




Before driving to my first account visit of the day, I stopped by Starbucks to get some Caffeine in me
Venti Iced Coffee with 2 Pumps SF Mocha + 2 Pumps SF Hazelnut + 4 Splenda


Potbelly’s Mediterranean Salad (no dressing..doesn’t need it in my opinion)  + Cup of Chicken Noodle Soup




Cut up Veggies with Trader Joes Eggplant Hummus + Siracha + Seasoning
Suja Lemon Love from Whole Foods
Rest of Quest Bar from this morning


Evening Snacks:

In all honesty, I don’t normally eat “dinner” I much prefer snacking over meals, so I try my best to get the majority of my Micro Nutrients in during the first part of the day (usually consisting of a big salad for lunch) so that I don’t feel bad having the snacks I enjoy (which don’t really have any nutritional value) at night. I enjoyed this IceCream bowl and Pretzels while watching last Wednesday’s episode of MTV The Challenge Rivals 3 🙂 Does anyone else still watch that show?!
Pint of Arctic Zero “Ice Cream” (New Flavors are way better) + 1 TBSP JIF Powdered Peanut Butter mixed in (mix powder with water and stevia in a separate bowl then combine)

 + 1 bag of Pretzel Nibblers (3 servings)
And there ya have it, a full day of eating. This is pretty typical for me– I didn’t particularly try to make certain foods just so that I could record them. As I said before, I’m not one to prepare extravagant meals for myself. My digestive system is quite sensitive so large meals don’t set well with me which is another reason I prefer to graze throughout the day rather than eat big meals.
Comment below if you have tried any of the other new Arctic Zero flavors.




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