Foods that Fool: A new series of posts I’ll be doing that will uncover some common foods that people think are healthy, but actually aren’t.

Sushi: Dear heavens America, It’s not good for you.
I’d venture to say that Sushi is one of the most overlooked foods
 in terms of calories and fat content.

It’s totally the cool thing to go get Sushi with your friends….

because we think we’re being hip and healthy at the same time. 
But no.Unroll that California roll and 
what you’ll find is a ton of refined white rice, 

some sort of fattening mayo based sauce, avocado,
and an itsy bitsy teeny weenie piece of seafood.

So…. The next time you hit up your favorite Sushi joint,
order Sashimi/Rice free Sushi and you will thank me later.
Well, your ass will at least.
(kidding…..kind of)
Or, if you can’t part with the rice, order “half rice.”
You’ll still live, I promise.

What you don’t know:
· A typical hand roll is 60 – 75% rice — 
the equivalent carb content of two slices of bread
(And that’s just one roll….who has ever ordered just one sushi
· The protein amount in sushi is very,
· It’s super duper salty. 
Don’t get me wrong, I love me
some salt. 
But the amount of salt between the roll and the soy sauce you dip 
it in will leave you feeling very bloated later.

it Healthy:

and foremost, don’t order anything that says “Tempura,”
it’s a fancy word for fried.
Order Sashimi!
I recommend Salmon Sashimi. It’s delicious!
for your roll to be rolled without the rice.
Teriyaki sauce and Japanese mayo’s

      But Sushi does have health benefits, 

if ordered properly!

·       Ginger
Major palate cleanser. Ginger is known to stimulate
digestive juices
and neutralize stomach acids. This is definitely a
plus when you ingest raw fish, as ginger may be responsible for blocking the body’s reflex to
vomit (hence why your mama gave you ginger ale when you were sick). It can also
lower cholesterol and limit blood clots.
The black layer that keeps sushi rolls together.

A.K.A dried seaweed, which contains a ton of health benefits:
High in calcium; vitamins A, E, C, and K; fiber; and protein.

·       Wasabi
For those who can handle the spice, wasabi is a healthy sushi condiment. 
This hot green paste is Japanese horseradish
and is usually served alongside sashimi.
It’s a perfect combo because wasabi may help protect you from
food poisoning due to its antimicrobial
·       Mackerel
Mackerel sashimi is probably the healthiest
raw fish
because it is packed
with omega-3 fatty acids and the
small size of the fish indicates that it’s low in mercury.
Best of all, it’s jam packed with protein.
There are 25 grams of protein in a
4-ounce serving,
and only 160 calories!

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