Feel Good Friday- Links to Brighten Your Day

Some days you just need a little extra something
to help
 get you out of a funk.
Here is a list ten websites/links that are sure
to brighten your day.

1. Your heart will melt when you see this adorable
story about the bond between two guys and their pet lion-Christian.

a site where people post anonymously
written letters

3. This kitten was abandoned and raised by
Golden Retriever

4.  Twenty-Seven Animal Facts that will make you smile
5. Today’s Big Thing – Posts the latest funny videos and creative pictures–
Save yourself the “gasps” from
co-workers by taking a peak at this before heading into the office so you know
exactly what everyone is talking about.


6. It’s pretty much impossible to stay angry

when you’re looking at pictures of baby animals…
you’re the Grinch I guess.
 So, when you start to get heated, do yourself
a favor and 
pull up ZooBorns.com
An ongoing collection of animal births
 that take place at 
Zoo’s or
around the world.

A blog that details the little things in
life that make us happy.
8. Sometimes it helps to know that someone
 is having a worse day than you are. 
Sad, but true. 
This is where Fmylife.com
comes in.
9. GivesMe Hope– A website filled with user-submitted
 real life stories
of kindness, compassion and over-whelming generosity.
 You can’t not
be touched by these stories.
One of my Favorites:
“One of my classmates
in high school had leukemia,
and he was really
depressed after his first round of chemo
when he came to
school with no hair.
When they found out
about it, all 70+ members
of the varsity
football team shaved their heads too.
Their yearbook
picture is the most
beautiful thing I’ve
ever seen. GMH”
10. Never underestimate the power of human

Funny Yahoo Answers presents the dumbest
questions asked by users. 

It’s actually kind of disturbing that people
actually needed to ask some of these, 
but at least it puts your own
issues into perspective.
My personal favorite:
Q: “What happens to the people born on
February 29????? 

Do they stay 1 until 4 years past?”

A: “They get locked up in a secret
laboratory in Iowa 

and are let loose every four years”

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