God it’s Friday. Am I Right?
This week has felt so off with all the snow
and ice days

 because the office has been dead one day

and then everyone is running around like chickens
with their heads cut off the next day.
The funny part is that we only got a couple inches of snow/ice,
but pretty much every store shuts down and everyone holes up
like it the apocalypse
or something.
And don’t even get me started about the grocery stores.
 If there is even a remote chance of a
wintery storm in Dallas,
 you better plan to get your goods
several days in advance,
because if you wait until the day before,
you can expect to get a few elbows
in the face
while reaching for the milk.

Luckily, the winter months are coming to a close and spring is in sight.
So enough of my ranting, here are some of my favorite products that have
helped get me through the dreary winter months:

1. Coconut

Slather this baby anywhere and everywhere.
Hair, Skin, Eyelashes, the list is endless.

2. Biosilk
My hair gets un-bearably dry in the winter, so this is a lifesaver.
It also works to diminish static hair and fly-aways,
plus it’s a perfect size bottle to fit in your purse.

3. Joico Root Lifting Foam
I actually just got this recently from my mom, and I’m loving it.
I can’t stand when my hair is super flat (some people pull it off, not me)
But I also don’t want to walk around looking like Dolly Parton
(don’t get me wrong, she’s great, but she’s one of a kind for sure)
Put a little bit of this in your hair after showering and
say buh-bye to the helmet head.

4. Osis
Another great product for those of us who
like a little extra oomph in our hair.
Sprinkle a teeny (seriously, teeny) bit of this
on the areas of your hair that you would normally tease.
Warning: This is some heavy
duty stuff so don’t expect
to be able to brush it out later.
You’re stuck with it until you shower.
This must be what the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleads use.

5. Prada Perfume in ‘Candy’
I highly recommend this scent.
It’s sweet without smelling like an 8
year old.

This is the first perfume I’ve actually used the entire bottle.

6. Alligator Clip
I love putting my hair in a ballerina bun with these.
I sleep with one of these in my hair whenever I want
to rock loose curls the next day. 

7. Pixi Eyebrow Pencil
Has an angled tip so you don’t end up with caterpillar
8. NARS Bronzing stick-South Beach
I use an eye-shadow brush to apply a little of this underneath
my cheek bones to create more of a contoured look.

9. Mac
Lipstick-All Fired Up

This Matte shade has been a game changer.
Stays on through multiple cups of coffee
and still looks fierce.

10. Too Faced Champagne Shadow Insurance
Technically this is supposed to be used as an eye-shadow primer,
but I use it on the inner parts of my eyelids to make them pop.

11. Too Faced Eye-Shadow Palette
I’m totally digging the sparkly pink shadow to use underneath my brows.
Full disclosure: I totally stole this look from Britt on the bachelor.

12. Lorac Eye-Shadow Palette
I’m loving this palette because unlike most,
all 10 shades are actually wearable.
Lets be honest, most palettes have 6 pretty shades with
colors that you never use.
Bonus- it’s super thin so it can fit in your handbag easily.

BareMinerals Highlighting Duo

This is perfect for contouring above cheekbones.
14. Buxom

I got this in my stocking for X-Mas and I have been loyal ever since.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!
Stay warm

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