Favorite Health Drinks


If I’m being honest, I’d say I probably spend more money on drinks then food. I love finding different healthy drinks to sip on throughout the day. They satisfy cravings as well as hydrate you, filling up your tummy before eating so you know if you’re actually hungry or just thirsty… or bored.. lets be honest. lol.


My love for Suja drinks started when I came across Annie Lawless’s blog a few years ago– called BLAWDE. She owned SUJA up until recently when they sold to Coca-Cola…. not thrilled about that, but now they are able to sell their product at a slightly more discounted price so THAT I’m all for. lol.



My all time favorite is the Lemon Love drink. Anytime it’s on sale I stock up, because full priced at $9 a drink I just can’t justify. Luckily they do put them on sale quite often simply because the shelf-life of all their drinks are quite short. Lemon Love is more of like a detox drink than a health drink. Each bottle has 2 cups of water, 1 lemon, a pinch of Stevia, and a pinch of cayenne pepper.

Now, if you’re thinking “well I could just make that myself”… yeah I’ve tried. It doesn’t taste the same.

Bonus: If you drink alcohol, try out this recipe for a guilt free cocktail!

  • 1.5oz Ketel Citroen Vodka
  • 3oz lemon love
  • club soda to fill

My other two favorites from Suja are the Lavenade & the Power Greens. The Lavenade is kind of similar to Lemon Love except that it has red cabbage in it as well, making it the pretty pink color.



I also really love this green juice because it totally cleans me out and makes my skin feel more radiant. It’s not the most tasty thing ever, but it’s definitely bearable considering it’s just pure greens with no fruit to add sweetness.



I found these bai antioxidant energy drinks when I was in Florida and now i’m hooked. I’ve only tried the Coconut flavor, but it’s so good that I can’t risk paying $2 on another flavor that may not be as good. It’s the same energy content as a cup of green tea, but tastes like a melted pina colada and only costs you 5 calories per serving 🙂




These next two aren’t quite as fun, just my attempt at kicking my Fresca addiction. These are fizzy drinks I like that are more natural than other diet sodas.


Anyone else always have a weird obsession with various “health” drinks?






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