Faux Fur Under $100

Coral Dress (Wearing a size S)// White Faux Fur Coat $88 (similar)
Plaid Scarf (currently sold out- almost identical option here)
Suede Knee-High Boots// YSL Lipstick // Curling Iron


Faux Fur Vest// White Tank Top (similar)// Spanx (maternity) / Non-Maternity //
Black Suede Over-the-Knee Boots// Lace Bralette// YSL Lipstick// Curling Iron


Well, it’s officially winter here in Boston!! All of my warm weather clothes are fully boxed up and my faux fur coats and winter boots are out! Y’all may have noticed I’ve been living in Faux Fur these days… well theres two reasons for that- one is that my old puffer coats don’t fit me anymore (my belly is too big to zip them up) and two- they are super comfortable and warm enough to last me until Christmas, where I’ll hopefully be receiving a legit parka to keep me warm through the negative temps! eeep. Thank goodness for the little big of extra weight I’m carrying around to keep me warm this winter, right?! One positive to gaining weight I guess lol.

On another note- any of my mamas out there, is it worth it to get a maternity coat? I keep going back and forth as to whether or not it’s worth it. Let me know in the comments below please 🙂

Anyway, what I love about faux fur is that it makes every outfit look so much more chic…. even a little white tank top! They’re also relatively inexpensive, comfortable, and keep you decently warm! Obviously these alone won’t do once we get to January, but for now they are perfect!

I’ve been living in these spanx lately (non-maternity linked here) and I love the way that these suede over-the-knee boots look and fit over them! Finding ways to be both comfortable and fashionable has definitely been my motto through this pregnancy so far.


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