Fall Wardrobe Inspiration


Omg can you believe it’s already September?! This year has flown by!

September means threeĀ things to #basic girls everywhere….

  1. Pumpkin Spice Latte’s
  2. Leggings [All day, Every day]
  3. Knee High Boots [ to cover up the fact that we are indeed still in our leggings]

Fall is just such a relaxing time. I love all the new scents and how pretty the trees all look as they’re changing color. Drinking hot tea and soup while cuddling up with a big comforter and watching movies all day. It’s just wonderful.





But let’s be honest, the BEST party about Fall is the new clothes šŸ™‚ Nothing is better than wearing anĀ over-sized sweater, leggings, and riding boots every day of the week. Simply change up the accessories and you still look cute from one day to the next. I love it.

Mauricio and I will be taking our engagement pictures the Saturday after Thanksgiving (not ideal, but the only time Mauricio could come home for them). So although we won’t be able to indulge too much, it’ll be the perfect fashion season to take them.

That being said, I now have an even better excuse to splurge on some new fall wardrobe pieces. I haven’t decided exactly how I want to look for the pics, but I do know i’ll need a bomb pair of riding boots to wear. I’ve managed to wear the same pair the last 4 years, so I think it’s totally acceptable that I purchase a new pair for this season…. right?!

As of right now I have my eyes set on the Tory Burch classic brown boots…I’m just hoping I can find a pair on sale some time between now and the end of November. Fingers crossed.

So without further adieu, here is a round up of some things I have my eye on for this fall season:



Fall Wardrobe


What do you guys have on your wish list this season?

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