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Hi guys!

I’m currently back in Boston after a very jam-packed weekend of birthday celebrations with my family. My mom turned 60 on Monday so my Aunt (her sister) and myself and my sister all came in town for a long weekend to celebrate (along with my brother and sister-in-law who both live just down the road from my parents).

We had a very girly weekend filled with lots of great food, shopping, and pedicures. The weather was in the mid 60’s all weekend which was a nice escape from the cold front going through Boston!

Now more than ever, I’m all about being comfortable while also still trying to look cute. Luckily with the fall and winter seasons you can get away with wearing leggings, boots, and a long top and no one thinks anything of it.

So  lately I’ve been stocking up on peplum tunics because they are long enough to fit over the bump and yet still cover my butt and don’t make me feel too self conscious about just wearing leggings for pants. I’m also loving straight-line dresses– like this black one because the naturally boxy-ish fit of them totally fits my figure right now without hardly even being able to tell I’m pregnant.

Speaking of which, I’ve gotten a few questions regarding why I’m trying to hide my bump and not show it off- it’s not at all because I’m ashamed or anything of the sorts. It’s simply easier in my line of work not to discuss it until I absolutely have to. I’m also a very small person, so even though I’m 20 weeks along, my bump isn’t quite big enough to outwardly tell ‘oh she’s pregnant’ when you look at me. So if I wear something tight-fitting right now, I don’t really look pregnant so much as I look like I just ate a really big dinner. lol. 

Anyways, I’ll start buying maternity clothes soon probably, but as of right now I’ve pretty much just been living in these leggings (non-maternity) because they are super stretchy and high-waisted, along with these super cute heeled camel boots. They match everything and are the perfect height where I can comfortably walk around in them during the day and then also transition them to going out at night.

These are my current favorite peplum tops/sweaters (all non-maternity) because they are both flattering and comfortable while also being completely reasonable in price- Green Striped Sweater,  this Grey Peplum Plaid Top, and this Long-Sleeve Plaid Peplum Top,


currently in my shopping cart… all the clothing is on flash sale for 50%  off through tomorrow morning!


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