Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting



Over the past few years I’ve seen more and more girls sporting eyelash extensions on the regular. It usedĀ to be more of something girls did for special occasions, but not so the case anymore. It’s crazy the things girls can do to up their appearance nowadays… apparently you can even get eyebrow extensions now if you go a little overboard with the tweezers.

Personally, I’m too scared to get Eyelash Extensions because I already have pretty long lashes naturally and don’t want to risk pulling any of them out. However, my lashes are so blonde that without several coats of mascara, you can’t really see them. Same goes for my eyebrows.

Solution? Eyelash and Eyebrow tinting. Basically, dyeing your lashes and brows just like you would your hair. I personally go to The Lash LoungeĀ in Plano, but you can get these services done at pretty much any full-service Spa or Hair Salon.

It takes roughly 20 minutes from sign-in to sign-out and is very affordable. I pay $40 for both and go in about every 8-weeks.

I love it because it allows me to wear significantly less mascara or none at all if I’m sporting a natural look that day.

One thing I’ll warn you is that when they are doing your lashes it can burn just a bit, but I’ve never had any redness or continued burning after the application, it’s just temporary pain. #beautyispain lol


Has anyone else tried eyelash or eyebrow tinting? What do you think?







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