Finding the perfect date night look for cheap can be next to impossible, especially if you waited until the night before to find the perfect outfit. It’s pretty much an un-written rule that if you go shopping specifically for one thing… you will find everything under the sun EXCEPT for what you went for. But if you’re bank account is smiling and you have zero plans for the weekend– perfect outfits at great deals are basically jumping out at you #sororitygirlproblems
Online Shopping has pretty much become my go to when pre-planning outfits for the weekend. I work pretty much 7 days a week, so you won’t catch me dead in a mall… unless I am absolutely desperate. Plus- the deals online are 10X better than the rack price in the store. Especially if you’re shopping at NorthPark.
LuLu*s is one of my favorite online retailers for two reasons-
  1. They have great deals- you can find a really nice dress on sale for under $40
  2. All of their clothes are great quality… so you can actually wear it more than once (unlike most retailers who’s target market is in the 20s and 30s… cough Forever 21 cough cough)

These 3 dresses scream sexy and confident- without being TOO in your face. Best of all? They are all on SALE! 🙂

Shop them here !! Hurry though, they’re going fast!
Happy Thursday!

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