Custom Wedding Stationery

Hi guys!

Todays post is sponsored by Basic Invite, which is a really lovely stationery design company. I actually partnered with them on our Wedding Thank-You Cards, so I can say first-hand that they are a very professional and reliable company to work with.

They offer a plethora of design options for practically every life event you could ever think of. From Save the Dates and Wedding Invitations to Baby Showers and Graduation announcements, they’ve thought of it all. And if they don’t already have it, they can certainly make it for you.

For our thank you cards, Mauricio and I really wanted to add a picture from our wedding day to the front of them. So after we received our photos back from our photographer we both agreed on one to use and then I went to town on designingthem. Lol not really, it only took me like 20 minutes from start to finish. They already have so many pretty templates that ┬áit really didn’t need much customization.



Everything is very reasonably priced, so no need to splurge at some of those other online stationary sites that charge you like $3 per invite. Ouch! Trust me, I looked at some of these for our wedding and once we added up how much we would be spending just on the invitations alone, we realized how ridiculous it was.



For brides out there looking to save a little money, definitely check out basic invite. They offer a wide array of options and all of them are extremely reasonable in price (in my opinion). Plus, your guests will never know how cheap they were!




Design your own at Basic Invite here:





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