Current Workout Routine + Hot Yoga

Now that I’ve finally booked my flight + hotel for Vegas, I really gotta buckle down on this 1/2 marathon training. I know I know, you’re thinking “why the F are you doing a 1/2 marathon in Vegas?!” Truth be told, it’s not ideal. However, a few of my sorority sisters wanted to do it and I haven’t seen them since graduating so I decided What the heck, why not! 

Luckily I’ve been to vegas a couple of times so i’m completely content with only going out 2 of the 3 nights that we are there. And to be honest, 2 nights in Vegas is plenty.

The race is on a Sunday so we are flying in Saturday and out on Tuesday so that after the race Sunday we can go out (probably won’t drink too much) but then Monday we can go to the pool and have a good time that night since the race will be behind us.

Before my vacation, I was running 6-7 miles a day on the treadmill. Not sure this exactly counts as training since it’s completely different running in the elements. At the beach I went for a few runs outside and it was significantly harder on my lungs so once the tempature drops below 100 I really need to start following a training schedule and doing them outside.

Now that I’m back from vacation, I’m switching up my workout routine a bit. For the past month I’ve just been running every day, which really isn’t good for my joints long-term. Especially since I’m terrible about stretching.

I’m really trying to get better at yoga because it just makes me feel so good afterwords and I really feel like my skin is just glowy the next day.

Accurate depiction of how I feel after yoga…..
well, not right after..
right after I look like a wet dog.


If only we could walk around with this snapchat filter all day LOL.

I’m alternating days between running (5-6 miles) with hot yoga/Vinyasa yoga classes. Typically this involved 4 days of running and 3 days of yoga. ya ya I know I should take a day off, but I really enjoy working out and function a lot better when I start my day this way. Here is what a week looks like for me:

Monday: 6 mile run

Tuesday: Hot Power Fusion

Wednesday: 5 mile run + body weight exercises

Thursday: Hot Power Yoga 2

Friday: 6 mile run

Saturday: Yoga Sculpt

Sunday: 5 mile run


I love Core Power Yoga if you are looking for a good studio to do Hot Yoga classes in the DFW area.







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