ColourPop Liquid Lips

 Yayyyy, new lip sticks!
Colour Pop is having a sale on all of their summer lipsticks in preparation for their fall line, so obviously I couldn’t resist. I mean $4.50 for a liquid lipstick?! Who can pass that up.
Especially since most of the ones on sale are the colors that I wear on a day to day basis
no matter what season it is.

I do try to tone it down on the fuchsia shades during Fall/Winter
and shift more towards the reds and lighter pinky nudey colors.
However, I’m not one of those girls that can pull off the brown/dark dark violet lip colors,
so I stay far away from those.




This is what the 4 shade look like on me, as you can see they look much different on my skin than they do in the tube.

I really really like the color “Creeper” for Fall.
I love the way vibrant reds look on blondes, especially in the winter.
It’s such a contract between the pale skin & light hair,
but for some reason it just works.

Highball would probably be classified as one of my go-to shades,
but after this month I’ll probably have to
put that shade away until next spring.

Clueless is a bit of a stretch for me,
I never go towards that end of the color spectrum,
but I’m giving it a try…we’ll see if I ever actually wear it.

Peacocky is one from their “sheer” line.
All of the colors look way more intense on their website
than they do once you actually put them on.
As you can see about this is a very modest tint
one I would probably wear to run errands and such.
However, online it looks to be a very radiant red color
so keep that in mind when shopping.

Now we gotta wait to see what fall colors they come out with!



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