Top 3 Clear Skin Tips

Hi Guys!
So obviously I’ve written a post about what my skincare regimen looks like,
but I wanted to do a separate post just about the “lessons” I’ve learned
over the years about what makes my skin look its best.

First off, I wanna clarify that I’ve never had “acne”, so these tips may not pertain
to those that need to see an actual dermatologist to see results.
However, I do get the occasional breakout,
especially when it’s that time of the month.
But I’ve realized over the past several months that there are certain
things/habits I have that can make it so much better… or so much worse.

DRINK WATER… everyone’s heard it before, but it seriously is true.
No one wants to hear it because well lets be honest, drinking water isn’t fun.
However, I have noticed a HUGE change in my skin since I started upping my water
intake again. Around my JR year in college I became {a little too} obsessed with
everything health and fitness related. During which time I would diligently refill my
camelback water bottle 6+ times a day. And as unfortunate as it was to have to pee every 30 minutes,
my skin was AMAZING. But I don’t think I ever put two and two together that that was the reason.

It wasn’t until about 6 months ago when I realized that I was down to drinking around 2-3 bottles a day.
And my skin was showing it. I already have dry skin to begin with, so if I don’t drink enough water, it really shows in my skin just that much more.

Which brings me to my second tip: find a cleanser that works for your skin.
What I mean by this is don’t purchase an “acne” cleaner if you don’t truly have acne.
It was actually my friend Natalie who made my realize that this was probably part of the reason my skin was suddenly breaking out every other week. I normally stick to using the Cetaphil Ultra Gentle Cleanser because it’s just super basic and doesn’t wipe all the moisture from my skin.
However, one day they didn’t have it stocked at Target so I purchased the Clean & Clear Morning Burst Cleanser (you know the one that makes your face feel all tingly). Well, sure enough the entire 2 months I was using that bottle of cleanser, my skin just never seemed to be at a happy medium.

By no means am I saying that Clean & Clear isn’t a good cleanser, it’s just not right for me personally.

Tip 3: Stick to simple/natural ingredients in your moisturizer.
I definitely save a lot of money buying Cetaphil instead of a fancy $80 bottle of cleanser.
However, moisturizer is one thing that I’m more willing to splurge on.
Mainly because unlike cleanser, your moisturizer isn’t washed off.
Think about it- whatever is in your moisturizer is seeping into your pores and staying there all day.

I’ve found that creams don’t actually work all that well for me (even if they are high-quality).
Serums & Oils typically work best for me, which is probably because I have dry skin.
I buy Eminence products because they are Organic and also (mainly) because it’s what the
spa where I get my facials sells. I’m sure that are plenty of other company’s with great products as well.
I’m going to link the products I’ve heard good things about,
but I promise I’m not sponsored by any of them.




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