Chloe Espadrilles Dupes

Hey guys!

So I recently purchased a pair of the Steve Madden Jaylen Wedges
{aka this seasons ‘it’ shoe}
and have been asked literally every time I wear them where I got them from.

These shoes were basically brought out as a “dupe” for the
Chloe Lauren Espadrille Wedges
which retail for $660…

Don’t get me wrong, those are some beautiful shoes.
But if I spent that much money
on 1 pair of wedges I either
A) wouldn’t be able to do any other shopping for the month
B) wouldn’t be able to eat for the rest of the month. lol.

The Steve Madden version is only $60 and are almost just as pretty
as the Chloe ones.
Really the only difference is that the Chloe’s have a scallop trim
and the Steve Madden’s don’t.
Also the ankle strap on the Chloe’s come up just a little bit higher on the ankle,
but that wasn’t really a concern for me.

The Steve Madden Wedges come in 3 different colors:

Cognac, Taupe, and a Black.
I have the Cognac ones, but I foresee purchasing the other two colors
in my near future 🙂

Also, I just got my next RockBox in the mail and recently realized that
I completely misunderstood how the subscription works, so here is an update:

Basically you pay $19 a month as a member fee,
then they send you a box with 3 pieces of Jewelry
that you can “rent” for as long as you like.
Once you send the box back, they will send you a new one with 3 new pieces.

IF you want to PURCHASE one or more of the pieces in the box,
you simply keep it and send back what you don’t want.

That’s when they will charge your card for the price of the jewelry that you kept
and send you a new box with 3 new pieces.

The $19/mo fee is a reoccurring fee whether you choose to keep the same box
for 4 months or whether you choose to look at the pieces,
decide what to purchase and send the rest back.

The catch is this- you cannot simply “rent” 1 of the 3 pieces.
Once you send the box back, that is their signal that you want to either

A) return all 3 rented pieces and be sent a new box
B) you wish to purchase whatever pieces you didn’t send back.

Once they receive the box, whatever pieces are missing is what they will charge you for.

Does that make sense?

The first month I was very confused.
I thought that it was just like any other subscription
box where you pay a flat rate every month and what’s in the box is yours to keep.
Then once I got the box I saw that there was a pricing list inside and
I was confused so I just kept the 1 necklace I really liked and immediately
sent the other 2 pieces back.

oh well. Now I know.

Anyways, this month I received a Kendra Scott Necklace,
a dainty little gold bracelet, and a really cute pair of baby pink/iridescent earrings.

I LOVE all 3 of the pieces this month and will definitely
be “keeping” them for a while.

Knowing me though, some months I’ll probably end up having to purchase
stuff just simply because I’ll either damage it or lose 1 of the earrings… because that is my life.

Hope this clarifies things better 🙂

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to get your first month free 🙂

xoxo, Abby


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