Business Casual for Twenty-Somethings

Business Professional for Twenty-Somethings


  1. Black Fitted Pencil Skirt: Dresses are great, but their wearability is extremely limited due to the fact that you can only wear them every so often, assuming you work in an office where you see the same people every day. Pencil Skirts are the perfect office chic wardrobe staple. You can pair them with different tops and no one with think anything of it.
  2. Fitted Ankle Pants: Gone are the days of boot cut work pants. Not only do they make you feel “blah” they are also hot and uncomfortable if you ask me. I LOVE these pants from the limited. They are the perfect amount of fitted without being too tight and look amazing with a tucked in blouse and cute pumps.
  3. Skinny Belt: Skinny belts really make the whole outfit come together. Something about a tucked in blouse without a belt just doesn’t look right. The addition of the belt will really take your outfit from mehhh to wowww!
  4. Simple Blouses: I definitely think you should splurge on the occasional top, however, again assuming you will only be able to wear the same shirt every so often, it’s better to use your money to buy less-expensive simple tops that you can dress up with a statement necklace or wear under a cardigan or blazer.
  5. A nice handbag: A nice handbag can really boost your confidence level if you ask me. Something about carrying a nice bag takes your outfit to a whole new level. Even if you can’t afford to buy a designer bag, buy a brown or black plether bag that at least looks like it’s a high quality purse…. who cares if it doesn’t have a designer logo on it.
  6. Pointed Toe Pumps: These are my favorite piece to the outfit. Pointed toe pumps paired with the skinny ankle pant just makes you look like you have you ishhh together.
  7. DO YOUR MAKEUP: Wether you are a full-face makeup kind of gal or a concealer and chapstick kind of girl, make sure you show up to work the way you came for your interview. You can’t go to an interview with 3 pounds of makeup on and then start rolling out of bed 5 minutes before you show up to work…. your boss WILL notice. I have personally over-heard several conversations between superiors about how their employee needs to look more put together before coming in every day. I’m not saying you have to be someone you’re not, but don’t come in looking like you just woke up.
  8. Hair: Same goes for hair. You don’t have to curl your hair every single day, but at least make sure it looks nice. And theirs nothing wrong with putting your hair up, but make sure it looks nice. Don’t wear the same kind of pony-tail you would if you were going to work out. Show up with a high-ponytail and I promise your co-workers will be talking about you.
  9. Accessories: Save the “trendy” pieces for your night out with the girls, not the office. Chokers are SO THE RAGE right now, but that doesn’t mean I’d show up to a board meeting with one on. Trust me, men don’t understand fashion anyways, so if you wear something that is newly trendy, they won’t understand it.
  10. Fitted Blazer: Finally, and probably most importantly- buy at least 1 nice fitted blazer. You can find so many nice blazers on sale at places like Norstrom or Nordstrom Rack and then take it to the tailor to get it perfectly fitted. Even if your office doesn’t require you to wear one on an every day basis, you’ll want it for important meetings, interviews,etc.



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