Buh-Bye Acrylics, Hello Nexgen


The acrylic nail trend is long gone and here to replace them is the dip powder, aka NexGen. Not only does this method save your nails from the brutal cycle of wearing down your nails until they become so paper thin that you are forced to take a break.

Not only does the new dip powder method (NexGen is the brand, not the process) save you from having to get glue on tips, but it also helps strengthen the nail to it’s original state. It’s kind of similar to the powder that they use when you get acrylic nails, but rather than glueing on a tip then brushing the powder over top, they dip your real nail directly into the colored powder of your choice.

They do this 2-3 times depending on the thickness you want, apply a top coat, and done! It’s so easy and it typically lasts me 3 or so weeks between visits.

My favorite color to get is that super pale pink color from Essie (ballet slippers) famously known as the Emily Maynard nail color. Sometimes I bring in that polish to the salon and ask them to replicate it with the dip powders if they don’t already have the exact color. Don’t be afraid to ask them to mix the powders if the color you want isn’t available. Sometimes I ask for 1 coat of a darker pink with 2 coats of a much lighter pinkish white color on top.

EmilyMaynardNailPolish1 21GUVXI-BXL._SL500_AA300_

You can also get french! No glue on tip, still just powder!

Once you start getting them you won’t go back, I promise!







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