Bumpdate Week 24


Dress: One More Day With You Plaid Dress
(wearing a size Small but should have gotten an XS)
Heeled Suede Boots: here or here
Black Quilted Jacket: Ralph Lauren Quilted Jacket
Red Quilted Jacket: JCrew Factory (50% off)


Hi friends!

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a ‘bumpdate’ so here we go…


How far along: 24 weeks today!

Gender: BOY! Mauricio is THRILLED.

How big is baby: Baby is about 8.5 inches long and weighs 1.5lbs. Roughly the size of an Ear of Corn!? Lol I don’t know who comes up with these fruit and vegetable comparisons, but thats what my app says!

How big is Mama: Okay so people really like to know this for some reason. I’m not one to weigh myself so I actually don’t have a clue what I weighed before getting pregnant. The nurse weighed me in at 119 at my check up on Monday and they Doctor measured me at 24 inches which he was happy with. In fact, he told me that if anyone says anything about me not looking ‘big enough’ that I’m actually right on target, my belly just hasn’t popped out quite as much as some do….yet! I’m also carrying really low, which kind of helps conceal it a bit.

Maternity clothes: Still trying to wear as many non-maternity items as possible. Unfortunately, most maternity items just really aren’t that cute. For any mommies-to-be reading this, these are the items I do recommend. AG Maternity JeansMama Look at Me Now Leggings, Arlington Stripe Maternity Dress, Isabel Maternity Tank Dress

Stretch Marks: Not yet. Really hoping to avoid those lovely little guys. Although I’ve heard that these usually don’t appear until AFTER you have the baby….Great.

Sleep: Ehh starting to get more uncomfortable these past couple of weeks. The beginning of the 2nd trimester I was sleeping like a baby, but lately I’ve been a little more restless. However, once I’m out, I’m out. Mauricio claims that I make zero sense in the morning…. which I have to say, is probably true.

What am I missing: Tomatoes and Spicy Foods. Ya know how I kept saying how all I was crazing was spicy foods? Well that caught up to me. I can still have it in moderation, but anything too acidic gives me pretty bad indigestion now, especially the later in the evening it gets. I also have to eat super slowly and eat really small portions frequently. If I eat a substantial sized meal in one sitting, I feel AWFUL for the next hour. I’ve learned that I pretty much have to make 1/2 of what I plan to eat… eat it, wait 30-40 minutes, than make the other half.

What am I looking forward to: The baby shower! I can’t wait to see all the cute little outfits people pick out! I really want those animal hooded bath towels 🙂

Movement: Oh yes, little guy is quite the kicker! Takes after his daddy I guess.

Cravings: Still flaming hot cheetos…. apparently the little guy really likes junk. Again, taking after his daddy lol.

How I’m feeling: Feeling pretty good! I’m still able to do most of my normal day-to-day activities without much struggle … thankfully. The main thing bothering me has been my lower back. You can find me sitting with the heating pad pretty much any time I’m at the apartment.

Fun Facts:

  • Babys brain activity is now that of a newborn! So he can now develop conscious thought and memory!
  • His face has now completely formed!
  • He’s gaining about 6oz per week!
  • He can now hear what Mauricio and I are saying! Mauricio likes to whisper things to him privately and tell me not to listen…it always gives me a good laugh.

Trader Joes Haul will be up tomorrow! <3


Thank you so much to Lovya Dev for shooting these photos for me!



  1. Aww you look so adorable with that baby bump! That dress looks perfect… hahahah hot Cheetos are my all time craving I don’t blame this little guy for wanting it!

  2. It’s crazy how fast other people’s pregnancies go so fast! It is so fun to hear your updates Abby! You look adorable!

    • haha right?! I’m sure once I get into the second half of my 3rd trimester I’ll start feeling like the weeks are dragging by though. Fingers crossed thats not the case though!

      Thank you Kelli <3

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