Bumpdate Week 19

Today marks 19 weeks!! Monday we had our most recent Ultra Sound and check up with my doctor- which was so special. This was the first time the baby was fully developed so that we could see fingers, toes, and movement! What was also special was that my in-laws (mauricio’s parents) came in town for it. This is their first grand-child so it’s all really new and exciting for them, which is always fun.


How far along: 19 weeks today!

Due Date: March 29th — We are hoping it’ll be an Easter baby! Mauricio and I call each other “bunny” (don’t ask why) so that would just be so perfect.

Also, 29 seems to be our lucky number now. We were engaged on May 29th, Married on July 29th, and now our due date is March 29th!

Gender: Still not sure. According to the Wives Tale Checklist– I fall on the ‘boy’ side for like every single thing…. so maybe Mauricio is right!? Any mommies out there remember if these predictions fell in line with what you actually had? I’m so curious mainly because my gut intuition told me it was a girl but now I’m MAJORLY questioning myself because literally none of the symptoms are there.

How big is baby: Baby is about 6 inches long and weighs 8.5oz. Roughly the size of a tomato!

Maternity clothes: Still wearing non-maternity clothing except for my jeans. I finally found my holy grail maternity jeans and I don’t foresee myself switching brands ever again. I actually wear this same brand (AG) and style in non-maternity jeans, so I don’t know why I didn’t think to try their maternity line sooner. Oh wait, yes I do, because I didn’t want to pay designer price for maternity jeans lol. But seriously, I’ll be living in these for the next few months so it’s worth it.

Stretch MarksNothing yet… fingers crossed.

Sleep: Still sleeping well, but with very vivid dreams. I’ve been dying to watch Stranger Things just to see what all the fuss is about, but Mauricio tells me it’ll be “too scary for the baby” aka I’m going to be having very VIVID nightmares. No thanks. Guess that’ll give me something to watch when I’m stuck lounging around with baby all day the month or so after I give birth.

What am I missing: Still missing my small boobs. I’ll take those back asap please. Oh and alcohol occasionally. When I’m sitting down for dinner with people and they all order a cocktail/beer sometimes I’m just like ughhhh that looks so refreshing! oh well.

PS- this is why Sip & See’s are so genius! I totally get why people think that we are getting so ridiculous with all these different themed parties for everything, but when you really think about it- people typically serve some sort of alcohol at the other parties you have “in honor of you” yet you can’t drink…. so getting to actually drink and celebrate post-delivery is genius! Idk if i’ll be able to crank out another party after all the wedding/baby festivities we already have, but we’ll see 😉

What am I looking forward to: Our Gender Reveal on the 25th! So excited/anxious to find out the sex!

Best moment this week: Hearing the heartbeat! The doctor didn’t tell us the exact bpm but it was certainly FAST (another wives tale sign of it being a boy).

Favorite thing about being pregnant: Having an excuse to make Mauricio rub my feet! 🙂

Movement: I’m not sure honestly. Sometimes I get a pain in my stomach and I don’t know if it’s the baby kicking or if it’s gas pains (LOL – just being honest). However, the baby was moving around A LOT during the ultra sound on Monday so it’s definitely moving and grooving in there. When we first started looking the baby was completely upside down and then by the end (like 3 minutes later) the baby was completely turned right side up. Mauricio’s parents were in the room with us and my parents were face-timing us and they all joked that it must be a little Mauricio (he was an extremely hyper child).

Cravings: Still Flaming Hot Cheetos. PLEASE someone find me a less toxic alternative to these.

Mood: Feeling happy for the most part! Not moody at all really–  at least I don’t think I am. I have naturally VERY low estrogen levels, so I think pregnancy just brings me up to a normal level without  being OVERLY hormonal like a lot of pregnant women get? idk.

Last time you cried over something ridiculous: I’ve actually only cried 3 times since we found out. Once when we found out (I was shocked and didn’t think I’d be ready…. luckily that has completely turned around). The second time was when my mom and dad went back home after visiting us in October. 3rd time was last week because I was feeling homesick again. However, considering we moved here not knowing anyone and then found out I was pregnant a few days later, I think having a good cry now and again is fully warranted. Right?

Activity Level: Starting a few weeks ago I’ve been on a more regular gym schedule again. I’m definitely not working out nearly as much as I used to, but I have been feeling good enough to do light runs and body weight exercises. However, I am SO much weaker than I used to be. My arms are shaking so hard after 10 push-ups, it’s kind of ridiculous (for me).

Peeing an estimated # of times a day: hmmm Idk like 20? Maybe I’ll count one day just out of curiosity lol. I peed a lot even when I wasn’t pregnant though. The main difference now is that holding your bladder is so painful. In fact, I’ve decided on another new rule I want to instate- all business owners MUST allow pregnant women to use their toilets! I hate when I walk in somewhere and they say they don’t have a bathroom. I’m like okay so you’re telling me you work 8 hour shifts here and never pee?! liar. 


Waiting for the doctor ^ Mauricio is so funny when we meet with the doctor- he asks more questions than I do and then when the doctor asked if I wanted him to give me a flu shot (yes) Mauricio started  panicking because he thought the dr. was going to make him get one too (insert crying laughing emoji). He couldn’t even watch as the dr. gave ME the shot- he pulled out his phone and started watching football highlights. I was like oh dear lord- how is he going to handle them sticking an epidural in my spine on the delivery day?!  He’s probably going to be one of those husbands who passes out and the nurses have to tend to him instead of me! HA. Just kidding, I’m sure he’ll suck it up on the delivery day….. hopefully 🙂



Here are some other pictures from throughout the week…




Lunch at Joe’s in Seaport- it was such a beautiful day and we got to sit on the patio to eat- it was perfect.




Halloween night ^ 18 weeks 5 days.


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