Bumpdate Week 18

haha I thought this picture expressed the post perfectly 🙂


Holy Smokes, we are almost half-way there already!

Part of me feels like just yesterday I was sitting on a moving box waiting to see whether or not that second pink line was going to appear.

side note: why do they even make the ones with a second line…why not just make both sticks say YES or NO?! Anyone who has ever taken a pregnancy test and been confused by the mysterious second line, you feel me. ha.

For my fellow mama-to-be’s, this one IS a maternity specific dress^ SO COMFORTABLE


Yet another part of me feels like Mauricio and I have made leaps and bounds, mentally. In the beginning we were just so shocked and overwhelmed that it was hard to see past that to how much of blessing this would be for us.

Honestly, it really has made us a lot closer. I truly believe that this is all part of Gods plan.

Anyways, lets get on to the bump update… get it, bumpdate? Mauricio didn’t get it at first, so thought I should explain why I’m titling it this 🙂


PS- this is a non-maternity dress. I’m sure y’all have seen these on a ton of bloggers lately because everyone is obsessing over them. They’re only $59, super forgiving, and come in a TON of different colors. Here are some of my favorites. I highly recommend stocking up whenever you see your size, because they’ve been selling out weekly. So far they’ve done a good job of restocking, but who knows when they’ll stop.



How far along: 18 weeks today!

Gender: Not sure yet. Doctor knows, but we are waiting until we go home for thanksgiving to find out with all of family and friends!

How big is baby: Baby is about 5.5 inches long and weighs 7oz. Roughly the size of a bell pepper!

Maternity clothes: I’ve mostly just been wearing non-maternity t-shirt dresses or leggings with long tunics However, I did recently purchase a pair of Maternity jeans for those days that leggings just aren’t appropriate. However, I think pregnancy should pardon any woman from having to wear anything even the slightest bit restricting! 🙂 If I ever come up with my own company, I’m definitely putting this in the dress code policy: ‘During maternity women can wear whatever they darn well please’ 🙂 haha. but seriously.

Stretch Marks: Not yet. Really hoping to avoid those lovely little guys.

Sleep: I’ve been sleeping great the past few weeks. I wake up to pee at least once or twice, but other than that its been really good. I do have some crazy dreams though! Every morning Mauricio turns to me and asks ‘what did you dream about last night?!’ 

What am I missing: ahhh tuna! I don’t eat a whole lot of meat, so Fish is like my go-to meal when we go on date nights. I can still eat Salmon, but I haven’t really been craving that. I feel like every time we go out to dinner there is a tuna-tar-tar dish on the menu and it just haunts me.

Also missing my little boobs. lol. I thought I wanted big boobs… not anymore. They just get in the way! And bra’s are so uncomfortable! ugh.

What am I looking forward to: Our 19 week ultra sound next Monday!!

Movement: Not yet unfortunately, I’m so anxious! Should be any day now.

Cravings: Most of the major cravings/food aversions have subsided, thankfully. However, I still can’t allow myself anywhere near Flaming Hot Cheetos. If a bag of those ends up in my possession, it’s game over. I will eat the entire bag.

How I’m feeling: Feeling really good! The past month has certainly been the easiest thus far. I’ve gotten back into the gym and am feeling a bit more like myself. I certainly can’t push it like I used to, but I’m walking uphill, light jogging, and doing body weight exercises.


Also, I wanted to note that I don’t always look quite so pregnant, its totally dependent on the outfit I wear. I’m saying this because a few weeks ago I was seeing other girls bump pictures and started to get really nervous because mine didn’t look nearly as progressed as theirs.

So for any other future mamas reading this, don’t feel like just because someone posts a picture of their bump at a certain week # that yours has to look the same.

Here are some pictures of me in other outfits that clearly hide the bump a lot better than the dresses are.


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