Brows on Fleek

Happy Fri-Yay! Unfortunately here in Dallas it’s currently raining, which totally puts me in a “stay at home and be a hermit” mood. However, I’m currently in a TV rut and don’t have anything to binge watch…. so I guess I’m going to have to actually be social and go do something today. lol.

Anyways, today we’re talking about eyebrows. As y’all know, I recently got my eyebrows microbladed>> read about that here and here if you haven’t already.

Even though the microblading process fills in your brows so that you don’t really NEED to fill them in anymore, I still use my Anastasia Brow Wiz just to really emphasize my eyebrows even more especially when I have a full face of makeup on.

I’ve used several different brow products over the years, and this one is the only one I will swear by. I don’t have any complaints about the other ones- I just didn’t have any strong opinions either way about them to be honest.

So for those of you that are wanting more prominent eyebrows but aren’t willing to spend the money to get them professionally done, I swear by this product. It’s only $21 and lasts way longer than it looks like it would. The point is super fine so it’s perfect for drawing in little baby hairs in the inner parts of your brows.

A second tool for those that like theirs to be a bit thicker and more prominent is the Dipbrow. Its a pomade so you have to use an angled brush with it, but it literally lasts forever. I can’t imagine anyone ever going through the whole pot, so it’s definitely a worth-while purchase.

Lastly, something people don’t realize is that they should be trimming their brows rather than continuously waxing, tweezing, threading, etc. Sometimes all you really need to do is trim the hairs that are getting too long. What I do is take a spoolie and brush all of the hair up-wards, then trim all of the extra hair that goes above the brow line.

If you do need to tweeze, tweeze the hairs BELOW the brow and not above. This is the trick for creating more of an arch, thus opening up the whole eye.

Hope these help! Does anyone else use the Anastasia Brow Wiz? I feel like it should be a staple in everyones make-up bag. Along with the Maybelline Colossal Big Shot Mascara I talked about in my Mascaras post of course 🙂


I use the shade “soft brown” in the Brow Wiz and “blonde” in the Dipbrow Pomade.



  1. Love it. I use Anastasia Beverly Hills Pommade as well in ebony and I loooveee it! It’s literally my go-to brown “fleeker” LOL. I’ve never tried the pencil tho.

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