Bridal Party Dos & Dont’s

Wedding seasonis officially in full swing, which means it’s time to break out the cheesy dance moves and throw on your best smile. We all know that a wedding is supposed to be the best day of a girls life, but it can also be EXTREMELY stressful. So, if the bride-to-be values your friendship enough to ask you to be a bridesmaid (and you accept) your best to just grin and bear it when she asks you to do something you don’t want to. Think about it this way—she (or her parents) are forking over at least $20K for this one day…. So make it special. Your day will come.

So without further ado, are the dos and don’ts of being a Bridesmaid:

DON’Taccept the role if you’re not completely invested
When your bride sends you that Pinterest inspired box of frills asking you to stand with her on her wedding day… you are not obligated to say yes. So if you do, commit to it and smile along the way. Want to help her pick out shoes? Yes. Want to help her make decorations? Yes. Want to throw the lingerie party at your apartment? Yes. . . .  You get it?

This ones hard for me. I’m the queenbee of stretching myself to thin.

DOprepare to spend money
From the time you agree to be in the bridal party — to the actual wedding day, there is going to be numerous social gatherings and miscellaneous bridal party expenses to foot the bill for. So put your fake smile on and pretend like you’re a millionaire because I promise you the bride does not care that you have 2 more weddings this month… They are not her. Sorry Charlie.

DON’Tcomplain about the expenses to the bride
This is simple, Just. Don’t. Do It. Unless you like being slapped.

DO agree with every decision the bride makes
You don’t like the bridesmaid dresses she picked? Too bad so sad. Put on a happy face and strut your stuff anyways. And most importantly, if she is so kind as to let you pick out your own- DO NOT TRY TO UPSTAGE THE BRIDE. Bad Bad Bad. This is what lead Bride’s to pick out hideous ones in the first place.
Basically, anything she says or does is cherry blossoms and rainbows on her wedding day. And no matter how many people tell her she looks beautiful, keep reminding her.

DON’Tpost any photos on social media without the brides consent
This is one that many girls don’t even think about. We are so excited to show our insta followers how pretty we look (you know it’s true), that we forget that the bride probably wants to be the first to dole out the pictures. At the very least, wait until after the ceremony. If the groom happens to see a picture of the bride before she walks down the aisle, she maykill you.

DO break out your most embarrassing dance moves
If you’re in the bridal party – your job at the reception is to DANCE. Doesn’t matter if you and the girls are the only ones out there, DANCE. Nothing is more boring than a reception with no one dancing, and if the reception is boring, the bride WILL kill you. But don’t worry, as long as there is an open bar and “Shout”is on the DJ’s playlist, the dance floor will be bumpin a few drinks in.

DON’T ditch out without helping gather the goods

The flowers and table decor cost her an arm and a leg, so you better believe she wants someone taking them home after the reception. After the bride and groom have left to, ya know, scurry around and gather up the valuables. After the honeymoon she won’t care to hear your excuses that you were too drunk and went to TBell…. She wants those damn decorations.
I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of at least one of these before… so just do your best and enjoy this special time for your friend!



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