Bridal Beauty Checklist

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I’ve gotten some requests to do more wedding posts, so here it is! I wanted to start off with the bridal beauty ‘checklist,’ because let’s be honest, you can’t have the night you’ve always dreamed of if you don’t FEEL beautiful too.

Some of these may seem a bit excessive or un-nessary to some, but keep in mind that if you’re paying a significant amount of money for a photographer and/or videographer, the last thing you want is to get all the photos/footage back and realize ‘ugh why didn’t I do xyz…” ya know?

So here is all of the prep that I did in the month or so leading up to the wedding that I do highly recommend to future brides.


Bridal Makeup Test Run: 1 month before the wedding… unless you are testing out different makeup artists, then I would do that SEVERAL months prior to make sure they aren’t already booked.

My sister-in-law is a makeup artist so I of course had her do my makeup. We did several trial-runs for fun, but I’d say doing one is substantial. We did mine the day of my final dress fitting. You can check out here page here


  • Eyebrows Waxed/Threaded/Tinted – 2 weeks before
    • If you are going to get them microbladed– definitely do it at least 4-5 weeks before to ensure that they are fully healed and toned down a bit. You can read my posts about microblading here & here.
  • Spray Tan- 2 days before
  • Teeth Whitening – Start 1 month before the wedding
    • This is the kit that I used– look for a discount code, there’s always one somewhere. I paid a fraction of the listed price- and it actually does work. swear! I’m probably going to order a new kit soon.
  • Manicure/Pedicure- 2-4 days before (depending on how hectic your schedule is) I suggest getting the dip powder- it’ll remain perfect for several weeks so you don’t have to worry about your nails chipping during your honeymoon.Also, when deciding what you want to do with your nails for the big day, I recommend going with something classic (I did french) because you don’t want to look back at pictures 10 years from now and wonder why you have 8 pink nails and 2 sparkly nails. lol
  • Hair Salon- 1-2 weeks before… this is IF you already have a salon. If you don’t normally get your hair colored/highlighted/extensions etc, then do NOT wait until this close to the wedding to try something new. I personally got both extensions and balayage highlights for my wedding. Read about that here
    • In regards to getting a hair stylist for you/your bridesmaids- start looking into this around the time you are looking for a makeup artist. I booked mine about 6 months out, but depending on how long of an engagement you are having, you should be fine booking even 3 months out.
    • My hair stylist didn’t offer a complimentary trial, but I did use her for my couples shower hair-do, so I knew that she was fully capable of doing anything I wanted.


Speaking of, here are some of my favorite white dresses perfect for any of your bridal events!




Body Beauty Products I swear by that are perfect for the big day:

Body Blur- This stuff is AMAZING. It makes your skin look flawless. I applied this on my chest, shoulders and arms the morning on the wedding. Make sure you wear a robe or loose clothing for about an hour after application.

Bondi Sands- Okay so I got a spray tan AND applied this for my wedding day. I know that seems excessive, but I love the way my tan turned out for pictures. For this, apply the day before you go get a spray tan. And USE THE MIT. This will stain your hands black if you don’t. 

So if your wedding is on a Saturday you would do this:

Wednesday: Apply Bondi Sands Self-Tanner WITH MIT

Get a Versa Tan at your nearby tanning salon

Rehearsal Dinner Day. Shower but don’t use body soap. Don’t judge me- it’ll tarnish your     spray tan. Just don’t work out post-spray tan and wear deodorant … you’ll be fine. lol.

Your wedding day!!! Apply a light coat of body blur on any areas you want to look ‘smoother’ in pictures.


That seems a bit much… but it’s the one day that it’s all about YOU so you may as well look and feel like a princess 🙂 Plus you’ll thank me when the pictures come back- professional cameras pick up EVERYTHING. For better or for worse. lol.


Makeup products:  You can check out the full list of everything my makeup artist used on me here.

Here are the ones that I don’t use on an every-day basis, but DO highly recommend for special occasions.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream: It says it in the name- this stuff is MAGIC. It makes everything go on so smooth and leaves your face GLOWING.




Anything I missed? Ask my any questions below!! <3



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