Boston Veg Fest


Hi Friends-

This weekend the Boston Veg Fest was in town, and I of course couldn’t resist the urge to go and check it out. Because I mean…. free food. lol.

Mauricio was kind enough to humor me and go and snap some pictures of me as I made my way through the maze of food and natural beauty stands.

Surprisingly enough, he actually enjoyed a lot of the samples! There were a few items that were just plain awful, but the majority were good!

The meat alternatives were certainly the highest risk of being repulsive. Before trying one Mauricio and I would kind of look at each other as if we were playing our own little game of Russian Roulette… you never knew if you were about to bite into deliciousness or rubber tire.


The desserts were by far the biggest winners. There was this vegan peanut butter chocolate chip cake that was AMAZING.


We recommend these ^ They aren’t as good as real hot dogs, but for a vegan option they are actually quite good. Mauricio had two samples, so you know they have to be decent. (He LOVES meat and would never give it up, so I use him as the basis on whether to tell y’all something is good or not lol).





oh my goodness gracious… this was just plain evil. Have you ever taken a shot of apple cider vinegar straight? Ya well amplify that times 10. They add horseradish, habanero pepper, turmeric and ginger to an already spicy apple cider…. this is me trying to be polite and listen to the benefits of it… I literally couldn’t even speak it took my breath away so much. lol.


^these were good, but I didn’t really understand the premise of them since hummus is already vegan/vegetarian? oh well.

mehhh… not so great ^ I wouldn’t waste your money.

Don’t recommend these ^^ there are definitely better meat alternatives out there. Super chewy.

purchased these from Nussli and definitely recommend them^

Best thing of the day by far ^ The chocolate chip peanut butter cake…. heavenly. (Nique’s Vegan Desserts)


Okay so there were like 100 vendors there, so rather than go through each one and say whether it was good or bad, I’m just going to tell y’all a list of my favorites that I would actually spend money on (most of these brands are found at Whole Foods, unless they are super small, then you have to go to their website and order online).


Nique’s Vegan Desserts — AMAZING. only reason I didn’t purchase is because I knew I’d eat it all in one sitting and they are expensive… so I just had Mauricio take me an extra sample lol.

Lightlife Foods — Vegan Hot Dogs

Nüssli 118º grain free snacks : Purchased

Vicuna Chocolate high % of cacao natural dark chocolate bars: Purchased

Popzup — Popcorn popped in chemical free lined boxes ( you reuse the box )

Veganaise — Vegan mayonnaise

Beyond Better  — Vegan cheese sauce – made from cashews : Purchased


What are y’alls favorite vegan/vegetarian food products? I’ve been hearing so many wonderful things about the Kite Hill Jalapeno Cream Cheese, but it’s sold out every time I go to Whole Foods. I guess that means it really is that good?! Anyone try it yet?




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