Boston City Guide

Explore Boston Common Public Gardens




Have Brunch at Pier 6 in Waterfront



Explore Beacon Hill — Be sure to take a photo on Acorn Street

Visit the Boston Public Library



Indulge in the most insta-worthy cupcakes at Sweet Bakery


Shop on Newbury Street (think Michigan Ave without the massive amount of tourists)


Take a break from shopping & have lunch on the patio at Stephanie’s on Newbury


Walk around Back Bay
All of the Brownstones there are really pretty… and they have the best stoops ūüôā




Enjoy a glass of Wine and Delicious Fresh Seafood at Select Oyster Bar for Dinner



When people think of Boston, they typically think of the History associated with it. However, Boston also has AMAZING food and beautiful scenery. So for those of you coming to Boston that aren’t necessarily keen to going on a bunch of tours during your stay- this is the post for you!

The above spots have been my favorites so far. It gives you a great balance of (light) sight-seeing as well as a taste of the delicious New England Seafood and treats.

While my parents were here we did do one tour- the Boston Harbor Tour. However, I didn’t include it on here because none of us felt it was really that great. Some people may enjoy the boat ride, so don’t completely write it off your list, but its not something I would personally take visitors to again.

One alternative suggestion I’ve heard good things about are the Boston Duck Tours. IF and ONLY IF you are interested in learning about all of Bostons history. If you don’t care, then just see Boston on your own by foot- its a beautiful city. And honestly, you’ll run into a ton of historical sites just simply by walking around… its everywhere.


Lastly, there are some HUGE fall sales going on today! Here are some of the things currently in my cart…



Need some new fall clothes? Major Sale– 40 % off site wide ¬†HERE–¬†-with code FRIENDS



xx, Abby


Save or Splurge: Band vs DJ

Next up on our wedding series, the reception!

One BIG hesitation people have when planning a wedding is whether to get a band or a DJ. Typically, a band is significantly more expensive than a DJ, so your wedding budget will definitely need to be laid out prior to making this decision.



If you do have a large enough budget to work with, than I HIGHLY suggest getting a band. I’m not going to lie, they eat up a huge portion of your budget, but in my opinion (and probably everyone who came to our wedding would agree) they are SO worth it…. IF you get a good one.



While wedding planning, our biggest thing was that it be like one big party where everyone has fun. Of course we also wanted it to be about our love story, but considering how far most of our guests were traveling in from, we REALLY wanted to show them a good time.


All in all, you definitely have to stay true to what YOU want to remember most about your wedding. If the food and the decor are more important to you than the music, then yes, a DJ is typically a much less expensive option and can save you a good chunk of money.

My best advice is to see whatever band or dj you’re going to hire ¬†perform in person prior to hiring them. You want to see how they vibe with the crowd and whether they put on as good of a show as they are charging you for. NEVER sign with someone you haven’t heard yourself.

Additionally, I suggest trying to contact former brides that have used that band or dj before. They will be able to give you an honest review as to whether they would hire them again. Plus, brides are typically MORE than happy to re-live their day by talking about it with you ūüôā


hope that helps



Brass-Free Blonde Hair

Hi friends-

One trend that has stuck around much longer than expected (in my opinion) is the ‘white blonde’ look. I don’t know when the switch happened where golden blonde stopped being pretty and translucent blonde started being cool, but here we are…

Personally, I naturally have a golden-ish hue to my hair, so this new trend was quite the inconvenience at first. BUT … now I love it! It certainly takes a ¬†little more work to keep it from getting brassy, but it’s totally do-able.

If you’re starting with already light hair, no need to go to the salon and pay $200+ to get your hair highlighted and toned every 6 weeks. I haven’t been to the salon since before my wedding and my hair is still brass-free! The trick? Purple Shampoos!

They range drastically in prices, but even if you get the more expensive ones its way cheaper than a trip to the salon. Here are the ones I recommend:


Depending on how light your hair is to begin with, start with only leaving it in your hair for 30 seconds or so before rinsing. Once you see how your hair reacts to it you can decide to leave it in a little longer, but for those with super light hair- the violet color definitely does get picked up in some of the strands if you’re not careful.

I switch ¬†between the shampoos I use, because I’m convinced it works better that way. The oribe is the most expensive so I only use that once every 10 days or so, and the Joico one I use at least once a week, sometimes more. Also switch it ¬†up by using a “brightening” or clarifying shampoo in between purple shampoos. It’ll help keep your hair from looking dull.


Here are some of my other favorite products for post shower/detangling:



And the best part…. volumizing products!


Hope that helps!! <3




A huge thank you to our vendors for making our special day just that much more special:

Video: The McKellars Wedding Cinema

Photography: Jeff Brummett Visuals

Band: Limelight Band

Venue: Stone Crest Venue

Caterer: Culinary Art

Cake: Natalie’s Bakery¬†

Decor: The Stalk Market

Wedding Coordinator: Trina Warrick

Dress: StarDust Celebrations

Makeup: Nastaran Darlington

Hair: Dallas Top Hairstylist

Bridesmaids Robes: Sincerely Sofi

Bridesmaids Hangers: Tim Flynn


Surviving the 1st Trimester

Oh the first trimester, how glad I ¬†am to be done with you. Now that I’m well into my second trimester, most of the terrible side-effects of the beginning stages of pregnancy have subsided. No more nausea, subsided headaches… (I do still get them but they don’t last ALL DAY anymore), no more keeping secrets, and we are past the dreaded 12 week hump!

For those of you who don’t know, the reason most moms keep it a secret through the first trimester is because that is when you are at the highest risk of mis-carriage. Mauricio and I also opted to do some additional gene testing that my doctor offers around the 12 week mark just to make sure the baby is healthy and there are no major complications. Because we decided to do these tests, we wanted to get the results back prior to announcing– which is why it took what (seems like) forever to announce the news.

Anyways, I am now roughly 16-17 weeks pregnant (again, it’s hard for them to know the exact date since my cycle isn’t regular). I’m thinking I’m closer to 17 weeks based on my current symptoms and the growth of the baby, but we shall see. The baby is going to come whenever he/she wants to come so theres really no use in speculating too much I guess.


Okay on to my tips for surviving the first trimester–

Ginger Chews:

Indigestion is the WORST during the first trimester. I was seriously RAVENOUS at all hours of the day, yet I would get terrible nausea and indigestion after eating anything more than 1/2 of a sandwich.

A few tricks I learned: Eat Saltine Crackers before eating anything else. Eat VERY small meals frequently to keep nausea away. The more empty your stomach gets, the worse the nausea is. I literally had to keep a PB&J by the bed so that I could nibble at when I woke up in the middle of the night both starving and then nauseous. Super fun right?

Okay GINGER CHEWS- ginger is the ultimate nausea cure. Chew on a ¬†piece of ginger after you eat and it will really help. Sure ginger isn’t the best tasting thing ever, but it’s certainly better than throwing up.


Long Tops + Leggings: 

This is going to vary from person to person, but I gained over 5 pounds in that first trimester, so it’s safe to say that my jeans no longer fit comfortably. My legs stayed the same,but my waist was certainly beginning to expand. Not enough to fit in a size larger jeans, but enough that it was very uncomfortable around my tummy to button them. This is where the hair-tie trick comes in to handy… take a hair tie or rubber band and loop it around the button of your jeans and the first belt buckle. It gives you just a little extra room by not having to button them but also keeping them up. Genius.

If you’re not really a jeans person (like me) leggings and long tunic tops are clutch. Leggings are perfect because they fit to your body. The hardest thing about finding clothes for me has been that my legs are still the same size but my waist and hips are expanding, so nothing fits properly. LEGGINGS. These are great for chillin around the house, or throw on a long top and head out the door and you’ll be comfortable while also hiding the little tiny bump you’re starting to notice.

PS- These are mostly non-maternity clothes, so anyone could wear them. The good thing about not buying maternity specific clothing (even for moms-to-be) is that you can continue wearing them after pregnancy. These are just items that do a good job of hiding the bump before you’re ready to announce.




Okay these are a god-send for both mommy’s to be and for the general public. Ya know those days where you just ate one too many slices of pizza and you are feeling too bloated to be a normal human that day…. ya SPANX.

I had never actually tried spanx prior to getting pregnant, but now I see why everyone raves about them. They are amazing! They hold everything in and just make you feel more secure. They also look a lot more put-together than cotton leggings so I don’t feel like I’m too casually dressed if I put on a tunic and boots on over them and head to work.



These are the Spanx I recommend:




Fake Drinking:

Oh dear lord. This was the hardest part for me actually. Not because I’m a raging alcoholic or anything, but I work for a liquor company, so avoiding alcohol before you’ve announced it is quite difficult. ESPECIALLY when you’re just starting with a new team (I found out the day before my first day of work in Boston) so as the girls on ¬†my team were ¬†asking me to go out for drinks I had to keep making up lame excuses for why I couldn’t. Of course now they all know, but it was quite miserable having to lie to both my co-workers and mauricios co-workers as to why I couldn’t drink.

Not that you can’t still be social when you’re not drinking, but when you are just meeting people for the first time and you keep turning down their offer of a drink/shot it kind of makes you seem like you are a buzz-kill… ya know?

Anyways– here are the tricks that worked for me:

  1. Try to tell the waitress privately. So I would tell whoever our waitress was ahead of time that I was pregnant and didn’t want the table to know so to please just bring me drinks without alcohol. So even though I would order a ketel + soda + pineapple, she ¬†was really just bringing me a club soda with pineapple.
  2. Trade it out at the bar. Now this is dependent on wether or not you’re at a crowded bar or a nice restaurant. If you’re at a crowded bar its easier to get away with trading out drinks without your friends noticing. For example, if someone from our group handed me a drink, Mauricio or I would just trade it out for a virgin cocktail from the bar and ¬†pretend nothing happened. If you’re at a sit-down restaurant it ¬†certainly gets more complicated though. Mauricios friends kept ordering rounds of shots and so theres really no way of getting around that. I basically just had to keep saying “no thank you” and unfortunately they would make mauricio take my shot. Thats certainly not the ideal situation, but you know how guys are.
  3. If none of these are going to work for you, theres always the good ole “I’m on antibiotics” excuse. Occasionally you’ll get someone ¬†that tries to convince you that 1 drink/shot isn’t going to hurt, but most people know not to mess with that and they’ll leave you alone.



Okay so one ¬†really sucky thing is that you can’t really take any medicines while you’re pregnant for fear of it affecting the baby. The first trimester is when the baby is formed and all of the features develop, so what you are putting in your body is extremely important. {Second and 3rd trimester the baby just grows, it’s already fully developed ¬†in terms of physical features… from what I understand}

For me, I had terrible headaches those first couple of months. I don’t know if it’s the influx of new hormones or what, but my head was pounding. Consult your doctor before listening to me, but from what I was told by my doctor- Tylenol is okay to take while you are pregnant. The main ingredient present in Tylenol (acetaminophen) is widely considered safe, where as the main ingredient in Advil (ibuprofen) is considered less safe. Again, consult your doctor ¬†because ¬†everyone has a differing opinion on this. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so I tried to only take 1/2 dose at a time and only when I really needed it.

If it was later in the evening when the headache came on, I would fore-go the meds and just lay in bed with a cold washcloth over my forehead and eyes. This helps.


Okay this has ¬†already been pretty lengthly so I’ll save the rest for another post. Thank you all for the kind words and support over this past week, Mauricio and I greatly appreciate it <3


xx, Abby

We’re Pregnant!


Yep, you read that correctly…. we’ve got a bun in the oven! Crazy, right?!

Trust us, we know. lol.

I figured there would be a ton of questions after we made the reveal, so I decided it was best to just go ahead and draft this post to cover everything I foresee people asking! 


Q: Were y’all trying?!

A: Ha, No. We certainly were not. It was definitely a surprise, but we are getting a whole lot more used to the idea as time has gone on.

With that being said, we are definitely very grateful and know that this baby truly is a blessing. Although it wasn’t part of our ‘plan’ yet, we do know that Gods plan is what really matters.

PS- God was definitely watching out for us before we even conceived as we made made the decision to get a large two bedroom apartment outside of the city rather than a tiny 1-bed in the city. Crying babies and 1 bedroom apartments don’t exactly make for a happy home. lol.


Q: When did you find out?

A: We found out a few days after moving to Boston. In fact, I was sitting on a moving box as we waited for the results of the at-home test. I literally felt like we were straight out of a comedy  movie.



Q: What made you decide to take the test? Were y’all on BC?

A: The short answer is no. I’ve never had regular periods, so taking birth control was something I was uncomfortable with, for fear that once I did want to have a child, I wouldn’t be able to. We obviously used other methods, but those aren’t always effective… clearly. lol

What led me to take the test was that I was feeling incredibly nauseous throughout the day and would be ravenously hungry whenever I wasn’t nauseous. Also, my boobs like doubled in size. lol.




Q: Whens the due date?!

A: The doctors keep going back and forth on the date because of the fact that I didn’t have a regular cycle to base it off of. However, based on the size of the baby, they are predicting I will go into labor on March 27th.

At first they told us April 2nd, so Mauricio and I were like ‘oh great, I’ll probably be 4 days late and end up having it on April 6th– both of our birthdays. Wouldn’t that be weird!


Q: Do you know the sex?

A: Not yet. The doctors do actually know already, so it’s in an envelope at their office. We are going to have them give it to us before we go home for Thanksgiving so that we can have a gender reveal party back home with our family and friends.

When we first found out we were pregnant I was sure it was a girl, but now I could go either way. Mauricio is convinced its a boy. 

However, I’m updating my prediction ( I originally drafted this last week ) because last night I had a dream that it ¬†was a girl. I feel like mommy intuition is pretty strong, so I’m going to go ahead and put on the record that I think it’s a girl. We’ll see if my intuition is right! (I of course will be happy either way).


Q: Have you had any cravings?

A: Oh man…YES! Most have subsided now that I’m in my second trimester, but for a while there I thought I was going crazy. I was craving things I NEVER eat… Bacon, Pizza, Ice Cream, etc.

My mom says that that was probably the baby’s way of telling me it needed more fat. Since the baby gets all of the nutrients first, I was likely depriving myself of some of the nutrients I needed, hence the intense cravings for fat.

Y’all may have noticed I was pretty quiet on social media for a bit last month- well thats why. Between the weird cravings, my body changing, and the nausea, I didn’t feel like I could be authentic with y’all because if I posted a picture of me eating bacon people would be like wait what?! lol.

Thankfully, my eating has gone back to normal and I can actually eats salads without feeling like I want to throw up.

Currently, I crave spicy foods like CRAZY. Mauricio keeps telling me to ease up on the cholulua every time I make food. lol. My unhealthy craving right now is Flaming Hot Cheetos. I saw them in the checkout line at target the other day and I literally couldn’t resist. I ate the whole bag (It was a mini bag, but still, thats very un-like me). Oh well, I figure now is the time to splurge a little… right?


Q: Do you have a tummy yet?!

A: Sure do. A few weeks ago I started to worry that it wasn’t growing enough (compared to pictures of other girls I’d seen at similar points in their pregnancy) However, within the past two weeks it’s grown significantly.

Everyone tells you that one day you’ll just wake up and be like “woah!?” and they were so spot ¬†on. I can no longer button my jeans and wearing anything form-fitting just looks very unflattering right now.

The worst part is that I’m not far enough along that strangers ¬†can tell I’m pregnant…. I just look like I’m really bloated/carrying some extra weight or something. I’ll ¬†definitely be relieved when it gets to the point that its more of a defined pregnancy belly.

Another major change has ¬†been my boobs. They’ve literally doubled in size so none ¬†of my bras fit which is super ¬†annoying since new bras aren’t exactly something I look forward to spending money on. Mauricio sure isn’t complaining though. lol.


Q: Don’t you work in the liquor industry…. how does that work?

A: That was definitely the hardest part of hiding the pregnancy for four weeks. Not only was I working with a brand new team, but I was having to try to fake drink with them and find ways to get the waitress to bring me fake cocktails.

Since Mauricio and I came to the city not knowing anyone, the last thing we wanted to do was hole up in the apartment and not socialize.




Okay those are the major questions I can think of. If y’all have any others leave them down below ūüôā










Wedding Part III

Hi Friends!

Finally, on to the wedding portraits! Here is a big picture recap of all the events that happened post ceremony and pre-reception!





As you can see, we had a VERY large bridal party so it was pretty hard to get everyone to fit into one frame. lol.



I think these turned out to be my favorite. I just love the spontaneous in the moment ones where we aren’t as posed. We had the most fun bridal party so Mauricio and I were constantly laughing through these pics.




Plaid + Camel Boots

Hi friends!

It was FINALLY cool outside today which made it actually start to feel like fall here in Boston. I’m sure my Texas friends are getting so anxious for the temp to drop below 80, so I apologize in advance for the upcoming overload of fall photos! lol.

Mauricio had to work the majority of the day unfortunately, but he did get to escape for a few hours to go walk around boston commons with me and humor me with some sporadic blog photos ūüôā

He also has a buddy from college in town this weekend so we went out to dinner with him and then came back to the apartment to chill out for the rest of the evening. The boys are currently watching football (boring) so that leaves me to work on the blog at least ūüôā


To me, nothing says the start of Fall more than plaid button ups, dark jeans, and knee high boots! So of course, thats exactly what I wore today in honor of October 1st and the first major temperature drop we’ve had so far this season.



Other plaid I love:


Hope y’all had a great weekend!


xoxo, Abby

Wedding Day Part II

Okay so on to part 2 of the wedding day…. the ceremony!

First off, some of you may be wondering why I didn’t end up doing the ceremony outside underneath their beautiful awning. And honestly, I’m pretty shocked I didn’t. ¬†After all, the beautiful scenery is what initially drew me to the venue in the first place.

However, 10 days before the big day, Mauricio my dad and I all went up to the venue to do a final walk through. After standing “underneath” the awning for like 30 seconds, I was sweating. My makeup was melting off and I felt disgusting…. in jean shorts.

Now you may be thinking ‘Abby, it’s the end of July in Texas…. wasn’t the heat kind of a given?’ Well the short answer is “duh, of course I did.” BUT the venue has these nice umbrella things over the guest seating so the guests would all be shaded the entire time.

The only variable ¬†we were working with was how hot the bridal party would be. Unfortunately for myself and the bridesmaids, the way the sun was positioned in relation to our ¬†position up front, we would all be directly facing the sun…. so much that I wasn’t having a hard time opening my eyes fully.

All in all, although I did see some brides decided to go ahead and do it outside around that same month, I just couldn’t risk looking like a wet poodle in all of the photos after the ceremony.

Also keep in mind that the venue closed at midnight and we paid for 4 hours of band time, so we had to push the ceremony to start a little earlier than usual (5:30) so the sun was still in full effect. lol.

Anyways, I ended up making the last minute decision to flip the ceremony inside and just deal with the fact that the caterers would quickly have to flip the room. Post on how to minimize the stress of this to come in the future – my brother and I both did this at our weddings and as long as you have drinks and appetizers its seriously not a big deal.

So literally like a week and a half before the wedding, I completely flipped the script and made the call to switch the ceremony to indoors. Thankfully our florist– The Stalk Market — was amazing and made the mantel exactly how I asked. It may not have been the outdoor ceremony I originally dreamed of, but it was still really beautiful. Plus, I’m sure our guests were very thankful. lol.


As you can see, the wedding colors we decided on were Navy Blue and Blush Pink. The boys all wore matching suits, while I decided to let the girls all pick their own dresses.

My only stipulation was that they be long (I was told this would help with the major height differences in the group) and I gave them a color swatch to base it off of. Obviously getting all 10 dresses to match the color swatch exactly would be next to impossible, so I was totally okay with the idea of it being kind of an ombre effect.

However, even with all the girls living in different states (and countries for that matter) all of the dresses ended up flowing together perfectly.

I’m so happy with the way it turned out and even happier that I didn’t have to deal with the drama of forcing them all into the same gown. lol.



For the ceremony music we hired the same string quartet that my brother and his wife used for their wedding 3 years prior. They are really easy to work with and I would definitely recommend them if you’re looking for a live music option during your walk down the aisle.


Songs we had them play:

Groom Entrance: Mauricio picked this one and he can’t remember… lol

Bridal Party Entrance: A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

Bridal Entrance: Canon in D (I originally wanted to walk down to a thousand years but ultimately decided to stick with a classic and just have the bridesmaids walk down to the other one)

Recessional (song after you kiss): Pompeii by Basille



For the ceremony, Mauricio and I had mis-matched number of bridesmaids to groomsmen (he had 12, I had 10) so we had to get a bit creative with the aisle rundown. Rather than having two of the groomsmen walk with 1 bridesmaid, we had his little walk down his grandma and one of his groomsmen walk down my mom.

One tip I have for future brides is not to get hung up on these little details. We spent WAY too much time trying to workout the lineup of our bridal party so that we weren’t hurting anyones feelings or making anyone uncomfortable. Trust me, no one even notices or cares, so just safe yourself the energy and do whatever you want to do and be done with it.

Also, I had both a Matron on Honor and a Maid of Honor and that worked out PERFECTLY. Honestly, I think it makes it so much easier on them when theres such a large bridal party to coordinate. Vanessa and Amanda got to split up the costs and the tasks and I think it was just the perfect amount of responsibilities for each of them to take on without feeling too incredibly over-whelmed. Because lets face it, being the maid of honor can be very stressful.



Another thing Mauricio and I decided to do was to write our own vows. As most of you know, we dated (on and off) for 11 years, so we felt like it was important for each of us to write and recite our own.

I literally wrote my vows like a year before the wedding, so I had mine fully prepared and rehearsed. Here are my vows:



My best friend, my soulmate, my lobster.

Today, I have known and loved you for
10 years, 11 months, and 7 days.

It is a love that has grown and matured
as the various seasons of our relationship have evolved.

It’s been a journey, and I am so grateful for that journey.

Because as I stand here ready to
take your hand for life,
I’m not filled with anxiousness or uncertainty
of what our future holds,

but rather an unwavering confidence
in knowing that no matter what obstacles
are put in our path,
you and I will always overcome.

So today in front of our closest friends and our families,
I bind my life to yours.
Where ever you go, I will go.
And whatever you face I will face.

I  promise to make your dreams, my dreams.

To stand firm by your side
and to help you fulfill the calling
of God and of our family.

To support you,
but also to challenge you.

I vow to have the patience that love demands,
even when you manage to lose your phone,
your wallet, and your keys,
all in the same day.

To speak when words are needed,
but to be silent when they are not.

To remember that sometimes saying sorry
is more important than being right,
and with that a promise to let you
be right 49% of the time.

Most of all, I vow to fiercely love you.

And to remind you today and everyday forward,
that you are my most cherished gift,
my answered prayer,
and the absolute love of my life.

Mauricio Andre Velasco the third,
11 years ago, in your parents media room,
you were my very first kiss.
And today as I vow to be yours for life,
I promise you will be very last. “



Mauricio, however, is more of a speak from the heart kind of guy so although he did have notes written down, his were a bit less rehearsed than mine. Therefor, he doesn’t exactly remember what he said to put it in here. They were cute though!


And just like that… we were husband and wife! ūüôā



Portraits up next!!


xoxo, Abby
















Paleo Pancakes


hi friends!

So today we’re taking a break from the wedding series and talking PANCAKES. First off, breakfast food is my favorite. When people say they don’t eat breakfast, I think they are crazy. I honestly go to bed excited for my breakfast and coffee in the morning. Maybe thats a bit pathetic, but I don’t care-it makes me happy. lol.

Most mornings I have my egg white omelette and veggies for breakfast, but the other day I was really craving something sweet and didn’t have anything in the fridge that sounded good.

I’m not one to want to start the day with a huge carb load fest (not that carbs are bad, I just prefer to base my meals around protein and fat whenever possible). So I’ve been playing around with several different variations of protein, low-carb, vegan, paleo, etc. pancake recipes and then I came up with this concoction, which I promise is SO yummy and uses mostly ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen.


1 cup¬†almond flour (can be found in the “health/gluten free” isle at almost any grocery store)

1 tsp baking soda

2-3 packets of Stevia (I used 3 but I like things sweet)

Crack of Sea Salt

2 Whole Eggs

1/3 cup Un-Sweetend Vanilla Almond Milk

2 tsp vanilla extract

Stevia Sweetened Chocolate Chips (optional)

Handful of Bluberries

Coconut Oil for Pan

Okay so normally recipes instruct you to mix the wet ingredients and dry ingredients separately then combine…. I don’t mess with any of that non-sense…

  1. Mix all the ingredients together in 1 big bowl with a fork
  2. Turn the stove to medium heat and coat the surface of the pan with coconut oil
  3. Put a couple of large spoon fulls of the batter in the center of the pan and spread out to the thickness that you like. However, keep in mind that the thinner you make them, the less time you need to wait before flipping them.
  4. Continue doing this until all the batter is gone, stack pancakes, and enjoy!
    **These pictures are shown using ALL of the batter, however, I couldn’t eat them all in one sitting and they are NOT good re-heated. So if you’re making this for one person, I suggest either covering and refrigerating half of the batter, or cutting all the ingredients in 1/2. OR if you’re really hungry, eat it all ūüôā

Optional: Top with more blueberries (I heated mine up in a bowl for a second so it make kind of a natural syrup). Or top with whatever you want. I don’t think they need much because they honestly are already sweet on their own. However, sometimes I like to mix some pb2 with almond milk and drizzle that on top… yum! ūüôā

Hope y’all enjoy these as much as I do!


xoxo, Abby