Week 25: Pregnancy Myths

Black Fur Coat // Jeans — Maternity Here & Non-Maternity Here //
Similar Tops here, here and here // Red Suede Boots


Hi friends! Todays post is to de-bunk all of  the crazy wives tales out there that say you have to completely change your life when you get pregnant. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of things that will be different while you’re  pregnant, but theres no need to completely change your daily routine or way of living. Chances are, if you were fine doing it pre-pregnancy, you’ll be fine doing it during pregnancy…. with the exception of alcohol.. obviously.

Myth 1: Decaf Only

False! 1-2 cups of regular strength coffee a day is perfectly fine (assuming you were drinking coffee prior to getting pregnant). Studies have proven that a moderate caffeine intake (200 milligrams or less) isn’t likely to harm you or your baby. The same goes for sodas. Obviously this is something you’ll want to discuss with your doctor about, but assuming that you’re at a healthy weight and heart rate, you should be just fine. Side note: I personally couldn’t stomach coffee around weeks 6-12, but now I’m back to having 1 large cup every morning with my breakfast and feeling great.


Myth 2: Goodbye Seafood, Hello Tofu

False! You actually have a greater chance of getting food poisoning from deli meat then you do seafood. So as long as you’re getting your seafood from a reputable source and it didn’t make you sick pre-pregnancy, you’re totally fine enjoying your favorite seafood dishes during pregnancy.

There is always a greater risk of getting sick from raw foods than cooked foods, but even sushi is safe to eat during pregnancy. My advice? Squeeze some lemon on your fish if you’re eating  it raw- it helps cut the risk of ingesting bad bacteria.

However, there are certain types of fish you should be weary of due to the mercury content. Eat tuna once a week and you’ll be perfectly fine. The only fish you have to completely avoid is swordfish due to its extremely high mercury content.


Myth 3: No more root touch-ups

False! You are perfectly fine continuing your regularly scheduled hair appointments. Some people worry about the chemicals that could be absorbed into the scalp, but there haven’t been any studies showing conclusive evidence of this.

Rather be safe than sorry? Completely understandable. Hold off on hitting the salon during your first trimester. Thats when all of the babys major organs are being formed. Otherwise, you  could look for salons that use natural vegetable based dyes rather than the traditional formula.


Myth 4: So long Mani-Pedi Dates with the bestie

False! No need to cancel your mani-pani dates. You would have to have a crazy amount of exposure to nail polish before there was any chance of an issue. And as far as pedicures go, you don’t need to worry about the manicurist touching the trigger points until later in the third trimester. Even then, you’re still welcome to enjoy the foot massage, just politely tell them that you are pregnant  and show them where not to massage if they aren’t familiar with the trigger spots.

Myth 5: Time to Cancel the Gym Membership

False! A moderate amount of daily exercise is actually very  good for both you and the baby. Just avoid contact sports or exercises that obviously seem risky or dangerous for the baby. For example, I used to do alternating sprint series on the treadmill where I would turn the speed up really high and sprint for 60 seconds then turn it back down and walk for a few minutes. It’s a great workout but its not safe for someone whose balance is starting to shift forward.

Now I simply switch back and forth from walking at an incline and running at a light jogging pace until I’m out of breath. Personally, I’ve found working out to be significantly tougher, so I’ve been taking it a lot easier during my gym sessions, but theres no need to eliminate them completely. And again, talk to your doctor. I’ve seen body builder women who still continue their usual workouts (with minor tweaks) up until they deliver and their babies were perfectly healthy. Everyone is different.


Hope these help!! Whats the craziest pregnancy myth you’ve heard? Let us know in the comments below, I love to hear peoples crazy notions about what you should and shouldn’t do.



Holiday Style for Less

hi friends-

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was mostly filled with work unfortunately. Friday evening I was feeling pretty run-down so I came home a bit early and just relaxed until Mauricio came home.

A snow storm was also predicted to come in, so we decided it was probably best just to stay in and watch movies all night. We watched Fences followed by a marathon of way too many Survivor episodes … we’re both addicted.

Saturday morning we woke up to a flurry of snow (as predicted) so we spent the morning cuddled up until it was time to heat up the car and get going for the day. Mauricio was volunteering as a judge for this youth organization that has kids come out and present their business idea and then the winner gets $1,000 to put towards their idea. Basically like the kid version of Shark Tank. So I dropped  him off for that then I had to go out to some of my accounts to help with some holiday parties that were featuring my brands (if you don’t remember, I work for a liquor company).

That evening the roads were starting to get pretty bad so we decided just to stay in for the rest of the night. I watched Cheaper by the Dozen cuddled up with my heating pad while Mauricio studied for the GMAT.

Sunday morning was pretty much the same story- I had to go to a few more of my accounts while Mauricio went to his GMAT prep class… We’re so fun. lol.

Around 1:00 I picked him up from his class and we went to have lunch at Chipotle, because thats literally all I’ve been craving lately. After Chipotle we headed back to the apartment and I tested out some healthy/vegan cookie recipes. The first batch was pretty awful, Mauricio spit it out in the trash LOL. The second batch was significantly better, but still not good enough to share the recipe with y’all yet. Soon.

For dinner I ate the rest of my Chipotle from Lunch while binge watching the rest of season 26 of Survivor. I decided to get in bed around 9pm and read my book (currently reading Swear on This Life and LOVE it) to try to relax my mind and body in hopes that I would have a bit better of a night sleep. Baby has really been keeping me up lately.

So that was our weekend in a nutshell..nothing too crazy.

Red Jessica Simpson Shoes: // Sweater Dress // Scarf (similar)



With Holiday season in full swing, its time for back to back parties and celebrations. You know what that means? New outfits! 🙂 Haha at least thats what I personally look forward to. Getting new outfits can be expensive though, so I’m rounding up some of my favorite Holiday Style Dresses that come in under $125! My tip is to buy 1 black dress and 1 colorful dress. Wear the black dress to your husbands company Christmas party AND to your own company christmas party… save yourself the headache of picking out two different outfits for these ones. Even if you take an Instagram photo for both, black dresses are known to be repeat pieces and most people wont even notice. Just switch up the accessories and shoes and you can totally revamp the look.

Save the colorful ‘look at me’ dress for your friends Christmas Party or for New Years. Don’t be the wife/girlfriend that shows up to your husbands Company Christmas Party in a hot pink dress. Modest is better in this case.


Black Dresses (great for company parties):

‘Head-turning’ Dresses (great for anything non-work related):


Fun Shoes:


14 days until Christmas!!!


What to buy at Trader Joes

Hi friends! Happy Friday.

Sorry this post is going up a bit later in the morning than usual, Mauricios company Christmas Party was last night on top of the Prudential Center so we were out pretty late. The theme was ‘Casino Night’ which was actually so fun! Normally Company Christmas Parties are super awkward and you find yourself sucking down drink after drink trying to make it more bearable. lol.

Luckily for me (since I don’t have the option of doing that right now) this wasn’t the case. They had various casino games (Craps, Black Jack, Roulette, etc) laid out around the room with actual table attendants monitoring them. We were playing with fake money (they gave us each a $5,000 chip when we walked in) so of course the rules were very lenient, but it was actually so fun. Mauricio and I ended up staying at the Craps table all night, which is a great way to mix and mingle with his co-workers without just awkwardly standing there making idle conversation as you clutch your drink.

Anyway, that lasted 4 hours so by the end of the night my feet were pretty tired and I was ready to hit the hay. But as luck would have it, baby boy decided to wake up right as I laid down for the night and he proceeded to kick and squirm around until 3:30 in the morning.

Needless to say, I’m dragging a bit this morning.

But on to the point of todays post… What to Buy at Trader Joes!

My favorite of their soups. Ingredients aren’t wonderful, but it sure is tasty.
PS- for a low fat soup, this tastes way creamier than most! It’s definitely filling.

**Cauliflower Soup: Good but you have to add a bit of seasoning to it**

Best place to buy zoodles if you don’t want to spiralize them yourself.
They are so over-priced everywhere else!

I eat these with PB2!

I use these to bulk up meals. Eggs, Zucchini Pasta, Stir Frys, you name it.

same with this ^ great way to add in Fiber to your diet. Cook on stove top!

Great pasta alternative!

I put this on everything! Great source of B12 if you don’t eat a lot of red meat ^

I cook this in the microwave- super easy! BUT again, add seasonings to it otherwise its bland.


Tastes nothing like Eggplant I swear ^

Great low fat cheese option if you like cheese

Yum- Highly recommend this Hummus ^ this and the Eggplant hummus are my two favorites.
I can’t seem to find the Eggplant hummus here in Boston for some reason so I’ve just been
getting this one lately. Anyone from the North East… Do your Trader Joes not carry Eggplant Hummus?!


Another great dip option! I love dipping pretzels in this ^

I use this to make a breakfast scramble when I’m doing my Vegan Days.

Not as good as real cheese, but does the job.


This stuff  is amazing IF and only IF you are one of those people that can eat a serving size
and then put it away. Don’t eat this out of the bag or you’ll finish half the bag before realizing you just
ate 1500 calories of granola. lol.

So if you are one of those people who can’t resist eating more than the serving,
this is a safer option!

Great for when you’re craving something fizzy!

Personal avocados…love these!!


What are your favorite Trader Joes items?
Let me know down in the comments below, I love trying new things 🙂


Bumpdate Week 24


Dress: One More Day With You Plaid Dress
(wearing a size Small but should have gotten an XS)
Heeled Suede Boots: here or here
Black Quilted Jacket: Ralph Lauren Quilted Jacket
Red Quilted Jacket: JCrew Factory (50% off)


Hi friends!

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a ‘bumpdate’ so here we go…


How far along: 24 weeks today!

Gender: BOY! Mauricio is THRILLED.

How big is baby: Baby is about 8.5 inches long and weighs 1.5lbs. Roughly the size of an Ear of Corn!? Lol I don’t know who comes up with these fruit and vegetable comparisons, but thats what my app says!

How big is Mama: Okay so people really like to know this for some reason. I’m not one to weigh myself so I actually don’t have a clue what I weighed before getting pregnant. The nurse weighed me in at 119 at my check up on Monday and they Doctor measured me at 24 inches which he was happy with. In fact, he told me that if anyone says anything about me not looking ‘big enough’ that I’m actually right on target, my belly just hasn’t popped out quite as much as some do….yet! I’m also carrying really low, which kind of helps conceal it a bit.

Maternity clothes: Still trying to wear as many non-maternity items as possible. Unfortunately, most maternity items just really aren’t that cute. For any mommies-to-be reading this, these are the items I do recommend. AG Maternity JeansMama Look at Me Now Leggings, Arlington Stripe Maternity Dress, Isabel Maternity Tank Dress

Stretch Marks: Not yet. Really hoping to avoid those lovely little guys. Although I’ve heard that these usually don’t appear until AFTER you have the baby….Great.

Sleep: Ehh starting to get more uncomfortable these past couple of weeks. The beginning of the 2nd trimester I was sleeping like a baby, but lately I’ve been a little more restless. However, once I’m out, I’m out. Mauricio claims that I make zero sense in the morning…. which I have to say, is probably true.

What am I missing: Tomatoes and Spicy Foods. Ya know how I kept saying how all I was crazing was spicy foods? Well that caught up to me. I can still have it in moderation, but anything too acidic gives me pretty bad indigestion now, especially the later in the evening it gets. I also have to eat super slowly and eat really small portions frequently. If I eat a substantial sized meal in one sitting, I feel AWFUL for the next hour. I’ve learned that I pretty much have to make 1/2 of what I plan to eat… eat it, wait 30-40 minutes, than make the other half.

What am I looking forward to: The baby shower! I can’t wait to see all the cute little outfits people pick out! I really want those animal hooded bath towels 🙂

Movement: Oh yes, little guy is quite the kicker! Takes after his daddy I guess.

Cravings: Still flaming hot cheetos…. apparently the little guy really likes junk. Again, taking after his daddy lol.

How I’m feeling: Feeling pretty good! I’m still able to do most of my normal day-to-day activities without much struggle … thankfully. The main thing bothering me has been my lower back. You can find me sitting with the heating pad pretty much any time I’m at the apartment.

Fun Facts:

  • Babys brain activity is now that of a newborn! So he can now develop conscious thought and memory!
  • His face has now completely formed!
  • He’s gaining about 6oz per week!
  • He can now hear what Mauricio and I are saying! Mauricio likes to whisper things to him privately and tell me not to listen…it always gives me a good laugh.

Trader Joes Haul will be up tomorrow! <3


Thank you so much to Lovya Dev for shooting these photos for me!

Gift Guide Under $50


One of my favorite things about this season is buying the perfect gifts for all of my loved ones. Of course spending time with them is EVEN more important, but getting them something I think they’ll enjoy gives ME joy. The items don’t have to be super expensive or grand, just something that reminds you of them and lets them know you put thought into what you got them. Here are some great gift ideas for friends, co-workers, or siblings, when you’re on a budget <3


1. Kate Spade Save Room for Dessert Lunch Box, $30
How cute is this lunch box?! Doesn’t matter if you’re 13 or 31, bringing a healthy lunch in the most adorable lunch box is always a good idea <3

2. Miana Tassel Drop Earring, $48
Calling all fashion lovers- these babies are so ‘in’ right now. They make any holiday outfit so much prettier!

3. This is Probably Wine Mug, $21
I probably won’t be using this for a while (I may get some funny looks) but for any of y’all that are currently pregnant, this is such a cute mug!

4. Hailey Crepe Dress, $46
$46 for a dress?! This dress is one of the most loved pieces from Nordstrom. It’s no wonder they have it 11 colors and are continuously re-stocking all sizes! Pick up this red one to wear for your next Holiday Party, then pick up 4 more just because you’ll fall in love with it!

5. Eat Pretty Book, $16.95
Eating healthy is way more fun when you have a nice description of everything wonderful each fruit and vegetable is doing for your body both inside and out.

6. Kolby Brushed Scarf, $48
Another most-loved piece. This one keeps selling out, so grab it while you can!

7. Do Great Things Pink Pen, $6.25
Something about using a cute pen just makes school/work that much more tolerable…right?!

8. BP. Foldover Clutch , $25
The perfect statement piece to any outfit. Comes in 3 colors… for $25 why not grab them all?!

9. Mama and Papa Elf Mug Set, $20
Okay maybe I was drawn to these because Mauricio and I are going to be first-time parents, but they really are just so cute.

10. Pom Pom Cabel Knit Beanie, $15
Keep warm with this super cute multi-colored beanie. Only $15 and looks so cute on!


Need more gift ideas? Check out my gift guide for her and gift guide for him


Faux Fur Under $100

Coral Dress (Wearing a size S)// White Faux Fur Coat $88 (similar)
Plaid Scarf (currently sold out- almost identical option here)
Suede Knee-High Boots// YSL Lipstick // Curling Iron


Faux Fur Vest// White Tank Top (similar)// Spanx (maternity) / Non-Maternity //
Black Suede Over-the-Knee Boots// Lace Bralette// YSL Lipstick// Curling Iron


Well, it’s officially winter here in Boston!! All of my warm weather clothes are fully boxed up and my faux fur coats and winter boots are out! Y’all may have noticed I’ve been living in Faux Fur these days… well theres two reasons for that- one is that my old puffer coats don’t fit me anymore (my belly is too big to zip them up) and two- they are super comfortable and warm enough to last me until Christmas, where I’ll hopefully be receiving a legit parka to keep me warm through the negative temps! eeep. Thank goodness for the little big of extra weight I’m carrying around to keep me warm this winter, right?! One positive to gaining weight I guess lol.

On another note- any of my mamas out there, is it worth it to get a maternity coat? I keep going back and forth as to whether or not it’s worth it. Let me know in the comments below please 🙂

Anyway, what I love about faux fur is that it makes every outfit look so much more chic…. even a little white tank top! They’re also relatively inexpensive, comfortable, and keep you decently warm! Obviously these alone won’t do once we get to January, but for now they are perfect!

I’ve been living in these spanx lately (non-maternity linked here) and I love the way that these suede over-the-knee boots look and fit over them! Finding ways to be both comfortable and fashionable has definitely been my motto through this pregnancy so far.


Shop Faux Fur Under $100:


Hair Products I Use:






Sweater Dress & Wknd Recap


Hi friends-

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mauricio didn’t get called in to work at all (thank god) and he actually got off at 5pm on Friday so we had a nice little weekend together.

I was in the North End finishing up a photoshoot around the time Mauricio got off, so we decided to meet some of his co-workers for cocktails (club soda) at a tapas restaurant right next door to Mauricios office. About an hour or so in, my tummy was getting really impatient and needed to be fed, so we decided just to go ahead and get a table there and have dinner.

Saturday we woke up and cleaned the apartment for a couple hours (much needed) before heading out the door to take some outfit pictures. You should have seen Mauricio holding one phone to take the pictures and the other phone to watch football…. hilarious.
Actually, I didn’t think it was that funny at the time…but I guess I should just be thankful he was willing to do it at all, even if it was half-hearted.

After our little “photoshoot” we came back inside to warm up (aka watch football) for a few hours before heading back out for a super fancy Chipotle dinner and movie date 😉

We saw ‘Three Bilboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri‘ which was REALLY good, but also pretty depressing. Maybe it’s the extra hormones I’m producing right now, but I definitely had a bit of a cry during it.

On Sundays Mauricio takes a GMAT Prep Course from 10-1, so I’ve been taking that time to go visit a few accounts and get some work done myself. Once he’s out I typically go pick him up and we go to lunch together. After that we came home and he studied (for the GMAT) for a good chunk of the day while I watched survivor and did my admin work.

Now it’s Monday (bleh) and we are heading off to the doctor to check up on our little guy! Fingers crossed everything is still going as expected!


Did y’all do anything fun this weekend? See any movies recently? Let me know in the comments down below- as I get further along in the pregnancy I’m thinking Mauricio and I are going to be spending a lot more date nights reclined at the movie theatre, so we need suggestions!




Real Talk: Holiday Stress



Hi friends-

Happy December 1st! I can’t believe how quickly November has come and gone! It’s my favorite time of the year… CHRISTMAS!!! Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE CHRISTMAS. The music, the lights, the parties, I love it all.

However, the Holiday Season can also bring feelings of stress and anxiety. Stress over buying the right gift, having the perfect outfit for your husbands company Christmas party, stress over all of the tempting desserts at every turn, or my personal favorite (sarcasm)- travel anxiety. 

Despite being the most wonderful time of the year, the season of giving can sometimes get weighed down for people who deal with stress and anxiety in social situations or in times where they feel like there is just too much to do and not enough time to do it. Anxiety is something I personally dealt with heavily in College so I wanted to share some of the tips that helped me, in hopes that you’ll find one of them helps you too <3


Find the root of the cause. Before you can learn to manage the stress, you have to identify what’s causing it. I used to have TERRIBLE travel anxiety. I still do get a little anxious the night before traveling, but it’s nothing like it used to be. I believe mine stemmed from the need for control. I had my daily routine that I did every morning (I’m a bit OCD) and it really threw off my whole day when I didn’t do it. Over the past year or so I’ve really learned to be a bit more relaxed and more go-with-the-flow than I used to be. Of course I’ll never be one of those people that can simply say ‘sure I’ll fly to fiji tomorrow!’ but I’m certainly a lot better than I used to be. The main turn for me has been recognizing what the root cause of the anxiety was- the need for control– praying about it, and letting it go (as best as I can). After all, once this baby boy comes, I will have NO CONTROL. LOL. Kidding… kind of.

Do Less, Enjoy More. Here’s a more common one- too many things to do, people to see, and parties to attend all within a short span of time. This is another thing I struggled with, trying to please everyone meanwhile wearing myself out and causing myself more stress than it was worth. So if you’re anything like me and you need the time to recuperate alone after a long night of socializing- don’t be afraid to say no to extra activities that follow.


Make a List. I have a TERRIBLE memory. This is something I know about myself (it’s even worse with pregnancy) so I know that if I want to remember it- I must write it down. Rather than frantically throwing things in a suitcase the morning of traveling, I start drafting a list of outfits in my journal so that I can clear that worry from my mind.
Another tip for all my fashionistas out there- try on your outfits exactly as you would want to wear them before packing. This way you know exactly what pieces go with what, so when it’s time for the event you know exactly what you’re wearing. Doing this also prevents your from over-packing a ton of stuff you’re not actually going to wear.


Be Present. Studies have shown that the constant buzzing and pop-up alerts from our phones keep us in a perpetual fight-or-flight mode due to bursts of adrenaline. Not only does this take our attention away from those that we are actually meant to be spending time with, but it also contributes to rising stress levels, especially in women. So leave your cell phone in your purse or pocket and really enjoy the time spent with loved ones. You can check Instagram when you get home (this is saying a lot coming from a blogger!)


Keep a Journal. This may sound similar to tip #3- make a list, but what I mean by this one is that if you are someone who struggles with any form of anxiety, keep a journal and write down how you’re feeling when you feel an anxiety attack coming on. This may seem silly at first, but something about seeing the words written down on paper really helps you to see how silly the reason for your anxiety truly is and can help you move on from it.


What causes you stress? Anyone else find themselves getting more anxious around the Holiday Season? Let us know your tricks to overcoming them down below 🙂



Gift Guide for Him

Oh men, why are they so difficult to shop for? Women, we make a hefty list of ideas and all they have to do is click on the link, purchase and wrap.
But men, oh no… their only response when asked what they want is ‘ummm I don’t know’. Very helpful. That being said, here are some things I’ve caught the men in my life (seemingly) interested in. Both Mauricio and my dad LOVE the Tumi brand. My father-in-law loves Kiehls.
And my brother pretty much loves all of the accessories and grooming products. From my experience, all of these items are definite crowd pleasers for the men in your life. PS- The Bleu de Chanel is the #1 scent for men. My mom actually told me about that one. So if you’re like me and get a headache after smelling like 3 different scents… save yourself and just order this one.
 Gift Guide for Him

Best Wedding Day Tip


Happy Wedding Wednesday!

With all of the recent engagement posts and engagement parties I’ve seen on social media, I decided is was about time for another round of ‘Wedding Wednesday’ advice. This one is for all the future brides and grooms out there.

Planning a wedding can be very stressful and can sometimes lead to silly fights over vendors, guests, bridal party attendants, and day-of timeline of events. However, they are also a wonderful celebration of love, family, and friendship and should be appreciated as such.


I had so many outside opinions and advice thrown at me while I was planning (all with good intentions of course), but the most important thing to me was to stand my ground and to go with what I wanted and what matched MY taste./


I also had a lot of people tell me that letting my bridesmaids go out our choose their own dresses was such a risky idea… and guess what, they turned out perfectly and I didn’t have to stress over finding a dress from a retailer that would suit everyones various budgets.

Take it from me, get a color swatch, give it to the girls and tell them to match it as closely as they can. It’ll look kind of ombre, but I like that look better anyways!!!

That being said, when it comes down to the actual day-of the wedding, there is absolutely nothing else you can do to prepare or to prevent mishaps from happening. So my biggest piece of advice is to BE PRESENT and SOAK UP EVERY MOMENT. There is so much time, effort, and money that goes into a wedding that it absolutely mind boggles me when I hear brides complaining or having a negative attitude on their big day.





Surprisingly (to me), the percentage of women who say that their wedding was less than expected and/or had wedding regrets is a whopping 80 %! CRAZY!

Thankfully, I can honestly say that my wedding day was the absolute best night of my life and that I had a BLAST. I truly believe that the bride and groom set the tone for the wedding and can absolutely make or break a reception.

Mauricio and I were having the time of our lives out on the dance floor and literally almost every single attendee was out there with us (which is pretty uncommon for weddings). At one point Mauricio and I got on stage with the band and as we were looking out at the crowd we realized that there wasn’t a single person sitting at their table- everyone was up dancing!



Here’s the link to our wedding video in case you missed it 🙂


Of course I’m aware that there are other factors that play into this, such as having a very interactive band and an open bar, but still. I truly do believe that (humbly) that along with our bridal party, Mauricio and my love and upbeat and attitude towards each other and our guests truly did help everyone to just let loose and have a good time.

You only get to have one wedding day (hopefully) and then it’s on to the next couple, so make it count. I’m so grateful that I can look back and confidently say that I had the best night of my life and wouldn’t do anything differently.

So especially for the brides out there- my advice is to completely disregard anything that doesn’t go perfectly and just enjoy your day as if everything is going exactly as planned (which it never does) after all… we had to completely change the layout of our ceremony .. TWICE because it was too hot and the bands stage was too big. But guess what, we moved things around a little and it was just FINE! It’s a 15 minute ceremony and the most important thing is that we got to express our love to each other in front of our friends and family and finally be wed 🙂

For those of you that are already married- do you agree with this statistic? Did you enjoy your wedding day as much as you thought you would? Let me know down in the comments below- I’m so curious how other brides feel afterwords!