Best Highlighters of 2016


Lets talk highlighters! My absolute favorite part of doing makeup is at the end when I pop some [a lot] of highlighter on the high points of my face. Highlighting the face is so trendy and brands are coming out with a different highlighter every other day. So, today I’m going to talk to you about different formulas of highlighters and where they should be applied and what tool you should use to apply them with.


Cream Highlighter: Cream highlighters are great for those of us with dry skin. How I like to apply a cream highlighter is after I put my foundation on, I will warm up the product on my middle and ring finger and tap it on my cheekbones or I will use my damp beauty blender and get some product on there and apply it that way to the highpoints of my face.

Cream products can be a little harder to work with and takes more time, so it’s definitely not my go to unless it’s for a special occasion and I am taking my time to do my makeup. I also love cream highlight on my brides because it lasts a long time on the skin. My Favorite cream highlighter is the Benefit Watts UP


Liquid Highlighter:  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Liquid highlighter. Apply it all over your face before you put your foundation on and it gives you the most beautiful glow from within. If you want that JLo glow, use a liquid highlighter.

Another great way to get a dewy, glowy look is to mix one pump into your foundation. This also gives a gorgeous radiance to the skin without making you look like a disco ball. You can also layer this on top of your foundation with a damp beauty blender (but only on the highpoints of the face).  My absolute favorite liquid highlighter is Champagne pop By Becca Cosmetics.



Powder Highlighter: I don’t leave the house without putting highlighter on. I love to apply some BB cream and highlighter and out the door! So easy and such a fresh, glowy look. This is probably the most popular [easiest] form of highlighting. The way to use a powder highlighter is at the very end when you are finished using all cream/liquid products.

We don’t want to layer any liquid or cream products on top of powder because that’s when your makeup starts to ball up on the skin or lift, so make sure that you are done using any cream or liquid products. I like to put my powder highlighters on last anyway to save the best for last.

Apply powder highlighters to the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, cupids bow, and on top of the arch of your brow for a lifted look. My favorite brushes to apply powder highlighter with are the Anastasia Beverly Hills #23 brush or for a more affordable option the Morphe Brushes M501 Brush.  

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Current favorite powder highlighters are Jeffree Star Skin Frost in the shade King Tut, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits and Wet N Wild MegaGlo highlighter in Precious Petals.

In a world where we all want to hide and diminish what we don’t love about ourselves, use a highlighter to accentuate what you do love about yourself.

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