Auckland, New Zealand

Hey friends!

I’m officially back in the states…. and I’m officially a wife!!! How crazy is that?!

In case you haven’t been following along on Instagram {ps-you should @aboutabbyblog} Mauricio and I jetted out the day after the wedding and headed for New Zealand!

After a VERY long flight and completely changing time zones, we landed in Auckland at 5am where we checked in to the Sofitel Viaduct Harbor Hotel. Beautiful! So glad we made this our first stop because not only was the hotel beautiful and the food delicious, but we also had the ability to adventure all around the city and walk off some of the jet-lag.

We sat in the restaurant and ate from the breakfast buffett as we waited for our room to be ready. The buffet offerings were insane so were totally okay waiting. Both of us went back for 2nds and thirds and were entirely too full for 7am lol.


I got quite a few questions about this jacket. Unfortunately this exact one isn’t available anymore but I’m linking two others that are VERY similar as well as the rest of my outfit below.




Side note: I felt pretty badly a few hours after check in and thought I wasn’t going to make it out that afternoon– here’s what I found helped:

  • Drink some sort of electrolyte drink…Drinking a ton of Coffee is NOT the cure for Jet Lag…. learned that lesson the hard way– just makes you feel nauseous honestly.
  • Eat a banana (bananas are the cure for everything if you ask me)
  • Get some fresh air! Walking around in the cool fresh air was honestly the best thing and made me feel so much better.

After realizing I forgot to pack my nikes, or any sort of comfortable walking shoe, we set out to find a shoe store where we could buy me some “runners”.  Luckily they did have an athletic store within walking distance from our hotel so I got fitted for some Adidas UltraBoosts (love) and went on our merry way.

Our concierge mentioned a few places Mauricio and I could venture around and take pictures so that is exactly what we did. Here are some of the pictures we snapped:

We later stopped for an early dinner at an Italian restaurant over looking the pier where we started with a bruschetta style appetizer (no cheese for me) then I ordered a marinara chicken dish,which was delicious.

Post dinner we walked back to hotel where we were greeted with a nice congratulatory dessert awaiting us in our room.I scarfed down about 3/4 of it and then fell asleep by 8pm lol.

Day 2:

This day we did have more of a set plan largely due to the fact that we had already booked our Zip-Lining excursion and had a reserved time slot we needed to be there. The zip-line was on a different island than our hotel so we boarded our first ferry ride over to Waiheke Island!

We arrived a couple of hours before our time slot because the weather forecast for the afternoon was pretty spotty so we wanted to make sure to get some other sight seeing in early.


A couple hours later it was time for us to head back to the zip line pick up area and take the shuttle all the way up to the top of the mountain. I’m pretty afraid of heights so I started getting nervous around this time. Thankfully we were only with 1 other couple and both the instructors were extremely comforting and really made me feel secure and calm. After the first zip, the nerves completed wore off and were replaced with a rush of excitement. I highly recommend doing it if you ever get a chance- the views were unlike anything else.


After the zip tour ended we asked for a winery recommendation from the tour guides, as there are 30 different wineries on the one small island of Waiheke!

They suggested Mudbrick Winery and it certainly did not dissapoint!! It’s situated right on the top of the mountain (I’m using mountain and island interchangeably bc it is in fact both) and provided a stunning view of the rest of the island.


Mauricio and I did a small little tasting of 4 of their different types of wine and then settled in for a seafood lunch.

Post lunch we decided to make the journey back down to where the ferry picks up, which ended up taking us around 45-50 minutes after initially getting lost and wandering into a sheep farm lol.


We actually really enjoyed this little hike and were glad we chose to walk it bc the views all the way down were breath-taking and so un-like anything we see in the states. M and I both kept saying that it reminded us of Ireland (not that either of us have ever been there lol)

After getting a bit muddy and lightly rained on, we found our way back to the ferry to ride back to Auckland.

We quickly went up to our hotel room, showered and got ready then left for our dinner reservation at the Orbit360 restaurant in the Sky Tower, which for my fellow Dallas people is very similar to reunion tower. I had the most delicious piece of Salmon (shocker) and then we were surprised with some boxes of chocolates for dessert!

After dinner and dessert we were both quite pooped and decided to hit the hay early to ensure that we would wake up in time for our flight to Queenstown the following morning.

Okay so that’s Auckland for ya! Such a fun city and I highly recommend trying out the Sofitel Viaduct if you ever find yourself in the area. Mauricio and I were very pleased with our service there and the food was probably the best we received at any of our hotels through the week.


Next up- Lake Wanaka!!!

Xx, Abby











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