Are Hair Extensions Worth the Price?

Hi friends!

I was debating posting this at first because like most girls, I want to seem as naturally beautiful as possible. But…. then I thought to myself how much I appreciate when other girls share their beauty secrets and advice and felt it too was my duty to share 🙂 haha.

Some of you may be thinking “wait, didn’t you say last year that you wouldn’t recommend getting extensions?” well yes… and no. lol. If you remember this post I did on tape-in extensions about a year ago, you’ll remember that I didn’t have the best experience with them. But I can honestly say that it was 90% due to the salon I had them done at and 10% inexperience with maintaining them on my end.

So around fall of last year I decided to switch it up and chop off my hair. I enjoyed my short hair for a while, but for the past few months I’ve been growing it back out. As most of you probably know, this is a very long and dreadful process.

That being said, my hair is at that awkward stage now so I decided to try out extensions again. Yes, they are quite pricey, but I’m getting married next year and I figure I better do this stuff now while I don’t have to ask permission from anyone 🙂 ha. Also, we have engagement photos coming up and I want my hair to look bomb 🙂

I went to Ashley at Form Salon and she is literally a hair god. I was pretty nervous about getting them because I’ve seen some girls extensions and they just look so fake. Thankfully, Ashley picks hair strands that create a natural balayage look without even having to get highlights/lowlights.


She also gives you a lump price upfront (during your consultation) and then she orders the hair based on what she thinks will give you the look you want, rather than charging you by the bundle. At first I was a little confused by this, but after seeing how she did it I was so thankful. She ordered several different shades of blonde to create more dimension in my hair and really make it pop. So basically you get free highlights with the extension application but without damaging your hair! Win Win.

So to answer the question “Are Hair Extensions Worth the Price?”

I would say if you are going to a quality salon and it’s going to boost your confidence, then yes! You can’t put a price on boosting your self-esteem if you ask me.






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