Arctic Zero; Gods Gift to Women

                      Hallelujah Ladies, the clouds have opened up and god 
                              has answered our prayers.  Finally, we can 
                                           have our cake and eat it too
                                              Well, Ice-cream that is 🙂
                           This little gem has only 150 calories PER PINT.
                                            Not per serving, per pint.
                            So rest assured, you can binge watch KUWTK 
                              and eat straight out of the pint with zero guilt.
                              Well, about the ice cream at least.

                                Bonus points- It’s dairy and gluten free!
              I’m not gonna lie, its not quite as creamy as real ice-cream,
 but come on, its only 150 cals.
I’ve tried this flavor and the peanut butter flavor,
and this one is by far better.
Let it sit out for 5-10 minutes so that it gets just the 
slightest bit melty (makes it taste creamier that way)
now dig in and enjoy 🙂 

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