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Hi friends!

As promised, today I’m sharing some of my favorite work appropriate dresses for Summer. I love dresses that I can just throw on and go out the door during the hot summer months here in Texas. When it’s over 100 degrees outside, wearing pants is just absolutely not an option. lol.

Since wearing shorts to work isn’t really acceptable, dresses are the perfect alternative. They are breathable and still make you look cute even when if you have to put your hair up to keep from sweating all your makeup off. haha.

Okay so here are some of the recent dresses I’ve purchased to wear to my account visits and such, but that I would also be comfortable going straight out to happy hour or dinner with the girls in.



A&F Polka Dot Dress (clickable link) — they marked this back up to full price so it’s not $29 anymore, but it’s still super affordable and totally worth it! My favorite purchase this month by far!

A&F Tie Sleeve Shirt Dress (clickable link)





Okay so these two dresses sold out this morning as I posted this 🙁  So sad. The top one was from Nordstrom and the bottom is from Loft. Sometimes you can ask to be notified if they come back in stock though! <3

Love, Abigail Kristine



    • Miry,

      I agree, definitely more of a relaxed work attire look! Those that have a stricter dress code at work would need to pair with a blazer, but I feel like as a woman you can always dress down or dress up any outfit!

      xx, Abby

    • Hi Whit,

      Thank you! And yes, they are all extremely comfortable which is something I look for in work apparel. It’s not fun being uncomfortable for 8 hours a day. I know the saying is look good feel good, but I think the reverse is just as true!

      xx, Abby

  1. They look very comfortable to wear. I’m from TX, and I understand the frustration of summer heat. I assume you layer it with some blouses inside the office?

    • Hi Thea,

      Do you mean Blazers? Yes, when I worked at an office job I would certainly put a blazer over any of these dresses to make them a bit more professional! However, I currently work as liquor rep so these dresses on their own are totally acceptable in the field!

      • Yes! Thank you for the correction. And that makes more sense for you to stick with your current style then. I missed the part about you working as a liquor rep.

  2. i love these dresses – I am trying to secure a new job and with that, I would like to invest in a new outfit or two. So this post as given me some great ideas on new work outfits that are work appropriate for summer! thank you!

    • Hey girl,

      So glad you found it helpful! Definitely check out LOFT for new work apparel! They are always having amazing sales which is perfect for those times that you need to up your wardrobe to more professional attire! Best of luck with your job search!!

    • Thank you! It’s such a perfect cocktail dress for work functions and such! I paired it with a pair of white patent heels and got so many compliments! I wish they still had it in the red color, that sounds fierce!

  3. All of these dresses look so comfy! Do you have any suggestions on what to pair with them if you’re taller and the dresses can be a little short for work. I have trouble figuring out what leggings work half the time!

    • Hi Hilary,

      That’s totally understandable. I would say if the dress is border-line too short, pair it with flats! Something about wearing heels with a short dress makes it look less-appropriate for work than if you were to wear some flats with it. Another option is to wear a long cardigan. You know those ones that are higher in the front and then almost floor length in the back? I think those are perfect for dresses that are just a tad too short.

      Lastly, have you ever tried panty-hoes instead of leggings? Sometimes leggings can look too harsh with dresses. Panty hoes provide a bit of coverage yet still allow the dress to be the focal point of the outfit!

      Hope these help!!
      xx, Abby

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