Low-Carb Low-Fat Pizza

This seems kind of ironic to post about considering I’m actually increasing my carbs a bit due to the increase in cardio I am doing to train for the half-marathon in July. However, I know that nobody is searching the web for High-Carb, High-Fat recipes… and if you are- give me your metabolism please. haha. We all know how to eat bad, it’s eating well that seems to be the hard part for 99% of America.

As I’ve said before, I prefer smaller snacky-meals as opposed to larger filling meals. Because of that, I’m always on the lookout for lower calorie recipes that won’t leave me filling overly stuffed. To me- VOLUME is the name of the game. If I can graze all day long, I’m a happy Abby 🙂

This is a recipe I actually came across up with in College (probably because I had very limited ingredients to choose from) but kind of forgot about over the years until I saw these wraps in the bread section at Sprouts Market the other day. The entire wrap is only 90 calories (14C 9P 1.5F) + .5 serving of this 30 calorie Pizza Sauce + One 35 calorie Laughing Cow Cheese Wedge in Swiss Flavor. An option is to put it in the oven, but I think it tastes just as good in the microwave and takes about 30 seconds that way…. so that’s the way I do it because #lazy.

I rip the wrap into 4 pieces and make quesadilla style “pizzas” out of it.

Another option with the wraps is to add eggs or egg whites and make them like breakfast tacos…. this is really yummy too and more filling if you are using this as a meal rather than a snack.



Do y’all have any fun recipes using these low-cal wraps?
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