5 Mile Run + Best Tasting Water Enhancers

Okay so anyone who knows me can testify that I pretty much never drink plain ole’ water. It’s a problem actually. I just hate it and no matter how hard I try, like buying fancy fiji water thinking that’ll make me drink it, I just won’t. I envy people who say “I love water!” I’m like wtf… I love Coffee that’s what I love.

Anyways, with the amount that I workout I aim to drink almost a gallon of water a day. The only way in the world that happens though is if I add some type of water flavoring to my jug. I used to buy those Crystal Light Packets (Fruit Punch Flavor is the Bomb) but that stuff stains like no other.

Now that Mio has released a buttload of different flavors I’ve been buying those instead. Some of the flavors are really good and some are just awful- they are very hit or miss in my opinion.

Flavors I would recommend are the Berry Pomegranate (normal kind) Green Thunder (Energy Version) Orange Tangerine (B Vitamins) and blueberry lemonade (normal). I would NOT recommend the Berry Blast Electrolytes edition or black cherry….yuck!




My ALL TIME FAVORITE water enhancer however is the Vega Sport Electrolyte Hyrdrator in Lemon Lime…It’s seriously soooo good and ZERO CALS 🙂

It’s a bit on the pricey side, but it’s worth it in my opinion. Helps hangovers too!

I add half a scoop of this to my water bottle before and after I run to help replenish all the electrolytes I just sweated out. Here is what my workout from yesterday looked like:

Treadmill Run:

Mile 1: Warm up pace at 8:30/mi
Mile 2: 8:15/mi
Mile 3: 8:00/mi
Mile 4: 8:00/mi
Mile 5: 8:15/mi
Cool down walk
For me, this was a pretty good workout as I do not normally run for distance. If you didn’t read my last post- I’m currently training to start running some 1/2 marathons (hopefully) so that is why I am transitioning back to running again. I will still be lifting weights a couple times a week to try to keep the muscle I built on though. Fingers crossed!



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